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Best Practices for integrating to mainframe with your ESB

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The evolution of applications has taken many twists and turns. Some platforms, like the mainframe, are stalwarts of many organizations. Others are cutting-edge applications required by the demands of modern business. The challenge? What to do when these very different technologies need to work together.

How to get mainframe applications and data to work with the latest technology

Many projects have been stalled or cancelled because integrating to mainframe applications and data was a problem too great to overcome. Not anymore. GT Software offers solutions that let JBoss Enterprise SOA and Data Services Platforms integrate to mainframe applications as well as to the data behind those applications using J2EE Connector Architecture (JCA), web services, and Java Database Connectivity (JDBC).

Learn how the Ivory product family from GT Software can help you:

• Use standard JCA adapter technology to integrate applications to legacy mainframe applications and data with JBoss Enterprise SOA and Data Services Platforms.
• Use standard web services to expose simple or complex mainframe processes.
• Gain access to all legacy relational and non-relational data in your organization via JDBC.
• Reduce time to market for application integration by minimizing coding.
• Create applications that are agile and flexible in today's changing world.