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The Best of DZone: July 29 - August 5

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If you missed anything on DZone this week, now's your chance to catch up! Below are the most popular posts of the past week - both links from and articles from our Zones - covering Big Data and NoSQL databases, web design and mobile development, and everything inbetween:

This Week's Top Links

  1. Java 8 Features – The ULTIMATE Guide - shared by iliastsagklis
  2. Spring Batch as Wildfly Module - shared by radcortez
  3. Scala Named a "Top 10 Technology for Modern Developers" - shared by mikojava
  4. The One Big Thing That Will Reduce Software Bugs, But No One Does It - shared by dt80257
  5. Java and Class Files - shared by Javin_Paul

This Week's Top Articles

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SQL Zone
Big Data/Analytics Zone
Cloud Zone
Mobile Zone
NoSQL Zone
DevOps Zone
Performance Zone
Enterprise Integration Zone
Agile Zone
HTML5 Zone

New Releases

And this week also saw the release of DZone's 201st Refcard: Reactive Programming with Akka

Reactive Programming with Akka

By Ryan Knight

Akka is a framework for Java and Scala that implements the Actor model of computation. The Actor model is ideal for concurrency and fault-tolerance, especially on heterogeneous and flexibly governed systems. This Refcard covers:

  • Defining and creating actors and messages
  • Actor hierarchies
  • fault-tolerance and self-healing
  • And much more!