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Ask DZ: How do you like YOUR Java?

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Many of the veterans on Javalobby have been working in Java environments for years and years.  I'm sure many people have widely varying opinions about the development and deployment processes that they use.  

An interesting post titled "How I like my Java" was Kris Buytaert's explanation of his own particular techniques and best practices for deploying Java applications.  If you take a look at that post, and then take a minute to reflect on your own practices, it might be beneficial for you.  

Whether you have 10 years of Java experience or 10 months, it could be worthwhile to share your specific practices with Java community members and also to provide advice and opinions to other developers so that they could potentially improve their own processes.

So I ask you: How do you like your Java?

What do you do for:

  • Deployment strategies
  • Service management
  • App configuration
  • Logs
  • Monitoring
  • Etc.

And what are some of the tools and components you typically use in deployment?  Are there any other tools you use in your development cycle that make your life with Java much better?


Mitch Pronschinske replied on Wed, 2011/12/21 - 1:53pm

Did you see Kris' blog post? Have a look at how he explained his best practices and see how yours differ.

Liran Mendelovich replied on Fri, 2011/12/23 - 11:50am


About the Kris' blog post: can you, or anyone else, please give details on how is this monitoring being done ?

Like you said, suppose I have 3 different servers, and each of them runs 2 different processes (web services which listen to some port generally), and I want to create one place, e.g. a file, which contains true / false values for each service, whether it is running or not. And notify me when there is 'false' somewhere.


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