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AngularJS Interview Questions: Set 1

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The article lists some of the interview questions that could be asked in relation with AngularJS. Most of the answers can be found on the home site,

  1. What is notion of directives in AngularJS?
  2. Name some of the most commonly used directives? What is uage of ng-app, ng-controller, ng-view, ng-model etc?
  3. Explain how MVC is achieved with AngularJS? What are the benefits of client-side MVC, in general?Ans
  4. What is $scope object? Who injects it? Why is it used?
  5. What is $scope.$apply and $scope.$digest method?
  6. What is two-way data binding? Give an example?
  7. Give an example of dependency injection with respect to AngularJS?Ans
  8. What is concept of routing? Show with an example? What Angular module is required to execute routing functionality?
  9. How could one create single-page application using AngularJS? Which provider is used to achieve this objective?
  10. What setup may be needed to do unit testing with AngularJS? What features of Angular come handy for doing unit tests?

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