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Android vs. iOS: The Development Process Compared

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This recent article from Jon Evans at TechCrunch makes a detailed comparison of Android and iOS development that asks a fundamental question for mobile developers: Which one first? The article is split into sections, each of which compares a single element of mobile development and chooses Android or iOS as preferable, and the elements include more mundane aspects of the development cycle as well, such as the user-friendliness of the IDE and the publication process.

Evans compares IDEs, configuration, UX design, languages, APIs, internet connectivity, social media sharing, fragmentation, and the publication process. Some are fairly obvious choices - fragmentation, for example, isn't much of a fight - but some of Evans' conclusions are surprising. 

Many of Evans' observations are anecdotal - he made two basically identical apps, one on Android and one on iOS - so obviously some issues of scale may not be particularly universal, but it's an interesting and involved comparison.

Check out the full article for all the details and for Evans' conclusion, and leave us a comment with your own thoughts: What are the trade-offs? How much difference does scale - a single developer coding for fun, for example, versus a professional team - make in this comparison?