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Android 4.4 KitKat Photos Released

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A recent article from Dave West at Gadget Helpline has compiled a collection of photos that claim to be of Android 4.4, announced last month as KitKat. It's unclear how Gadget Helpline managed this sneak peek, and the photos appear to be of an older version of KitKat - they still show a logo obviously suggesting Key Lime Pie, rather than any kind of chocolate bar - but it's an exciting look at what's to come. Some new features were suggested as well, though some appear to be incomplete or otherwise obscure. For example:

  • Printing and Payments subsections in the settings
  • Wireless display
  • Control of background app data usage while connected to personal hotspots
  • More advanced features for editing photos

Given that this appears to be an older version of Android 4.4, there may be a lot more changes to come, but there is still a lot to see. Check out the full article for an overview of the changes, as well as a big set of photos detailing all the new features.