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Amazon releases a 1.0 Version of the AWS Command Line Interface

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While Amazon Web Services does a great job developing a nice and easy to use GUI console for its suite of cloud services, nothing quite beats a great command line client for scripting.  

Based on the popular boto python library, AWS has released a 1.0 version of its new CLI tools. An installation guide has also been posted to the official AWS documentation.

A major upgrade, when compared to the old client, is that this client is capable of outputting responses in user-specified formats.  For instance, you can output as JSON to pipe to a JSON parsing utility, or the output can be displayed in a color-coded organized table format for quick human consumption.

The CLI client also supports the notion of profiles that a user can toggle on and off with a profile flag. This is a very useful feature for any AWS users who have to manage multiple access/secret keys for multiple groups.

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