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75% of Businesses Yet to Reach Production with Big Data

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“Analytics 2014,” Lavastorm’s second annual survey on analytic usage, trends, and future initiatives found that 75% of businesses have yet to successfully use Big Data and analytics to make impactful decisions, despite a majority of them having increased investment in analytics services.

Inside Big Data provides a nice summary of the survey's findings. There were 495 C-level executives, business analysts, data scientists and analytics professionals surveyed about a variety of Big Data in business topics.

Yes, businesses are more committed to implementing big data analytics than ever before, but, far too many are still struggling with how to maximize the benefit,” said Drew Rockwell, CEO of Lavastorm. “These survey results underpin how investing in analytics is just the first step. It’s organizations that go the next level by removing complexities from the analytics process and empowering others in the organization, namely business analysts, that are going be able to turn data insights into actionable business enhancements for long-term success.”

Some of the other conclusions from the survey included a continued increase in investment in Big Data and analytics, that the world is quickly dividing into Big Data haves and have-nots, and that concerns about the quality of Big Data are on the rise. You can download the whole survey at Lavastorm  or check out the important points at Inside Big Data.

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