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15 Interview Questions for JEE Web Developer

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Here are interview questions targeted more towards a web application developer using web technologies like Java, Struts, Spring, Ajax, HTML, JavaScript etc.

The answers are very brief and are intended to provide the direction towards which one should format his answer. Be more detailed and clear with your answers. All the best.

1) How do you differentiate between Core Java and Enterprise Java?

Expected Ans: Core Java is something that provides the API's like regular expression, String handling, collections. But enterprise java involves writing scalable, secure and per-formant applications which can have large user base.

2) What do you generally do after you have resolved a problem?

Expected Ans: Perform the Root Cause Analysis and make sure the changes done have not effected any other module.

3) What is JSON? Can you represent JSON as Java Object

Expected Ans: JSON stands for Javascript object notation and is used to initialize Javascript objects. Yes it can be used as Java object also. Provide more info here

4) What kind of HTTP request does the <a href="url">text</a> generate?

Expected Ans: It will generate HTTP GET request

5) What are the common browser issues you will keep in mind while creating a web application?

Expected Ans:
1) User pressing back/refresh button
2) Browser crashing
3) Session issues
4) Compatibility across web browsers

6) What steps will you take for ensuring the proper security of an web application?

Expected Ans: Stuff like Encryption, Authentication and Authorization

7) The Server and Database are working fine at your end but not on customer machine. What will you do?

Expected Ans:

1) Check if the customer has not done any customizations
2) Provide a test build same as running at my end (ask customer to take a backup of their  app)
3) Check out how the customer is using the application

8) A web application is running but pages are loading slow. How will you figure out what the problem is?

Expected Ans: Look for threading, database, caching issues.

9) What is the difference between frameworks like Jquery/DOJO and AJAX?

Expected Ans: Jquery and DOJO are java script frameworks for writing rich web applications but AJAX is a server communication mechanism which can issue requests without page reload.

10) What are the reasons for a page not found error and how will you sort it out?

Expected Ans:
1) The URL being sent is wrong
2) The web.xml mapping is wrong
3) The web server is down
4) The application has not been deployed

11) How will you know whether a Java file is a servlet or not?
Expected Ans
: It will extend from HttpServlet class

12) When will you use Servlet and JSP or MVC framework?
Expected Ans:
While framework provides a number of components and allows one to concentrate more on the business logic but Servlets and JSP are used for controller and view layer respectively.

13) What are the common issues you have faced in web applications and how did you resolve them?
Expected Ans
1) Server not starting up. Proper heap size not set
2) Migrating from JBoss to Weblogic. Wrote a number of XML configurations
Any other generic problems faced during development/support

14) How do you keep yourself updated about the latest web technologies?
Expected Ans
: Whatever websites/blogs/forums/authors you follow.

15) What was the last technical book you read?
Expected Ans:
Whatever you have read


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Sumit Kishore replied on Fri, 2011/04/29 - 12:55am

It's all hilarious, but 15 takes the cake. (not verified) replied on Fri, 2011/04/29 - 1:43am

The successor of J2EE is called 'Java EE'. Please no more 'JEE' thank you very much

Sivaprasadreddy... replied on Fri, 2011/04/29 - 1:59am

Hi, Do you think question#11 is a good question to ask an experienced java developer? Thanks, Siva

Hussachai Purip... replied on Fri, 2011/04/29 - 8:54am

All questions are somewhat simple and some are amusing for experienced developers.
The answers that you provided are OK but not good, BTW thanks for sharing.
I know some questions are quite stupid but the purpose of job interview is getting a job
not debating academic issue with the interviewer, so you should not look down it but
should be able to handle it well like a professional.
Let me correct some your answers
For question no. 5
I think the answer no.3 should be Cookie instead of Session
(Although Session uses Cookie to store its key, but it can use URL rewriting instead).
For question no. 10
I think the answer no. 3 is incorrect obviously because no server means no response.
Who will send HTTP 404 to web browser?

Sandeep Bhandari replied on Mon, 2011/05/02 - 8:47am

Don't be amused. Interviews are like that only. Always absurd.

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