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10 Ways to Improve Android App Performance

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Mobile apps don't leave a lot of room for inefficiency. So, Android developers looking for some tips on how to maximize performance in their apps might be interested in Anna Orlova's "10 Tips for More Efficient Apps" from the Azoft blog.

Orlova's tips are practical and centered on optimization - no fancy tools or anything - and cover a wide variety of topics, such as fixing layout performance problems and dealing with networking issues. The topics are divided into three broad categories:

  • Improving the efficiency of threading
  • Optimizing device battery life
  • Minimizing memory use in the UI

Some of the fundamentals of the tips are fairly straight-forward - for example, you probably ought to be using AsyncTask and doInBackground() already - but it's that level of practicality that makes Orlova's tips particularly useful. Everything is easily implemented, and it all adds up. According to Orlova:

Even though each tip mentioned above might seem like a rather small improvement, you might see unexpectedly efficient results if these tips become an essential part of your daily coding.

Check out the full post if you want to build better-performing Android apps, and if you're looking for more Android efficiency ideas after that, take a look at Venmo's ideas as well.