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10 Best Eclipse Shortcuts

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Yes, eclipse is a very visual and GUI oriented IDE. But this does not mean that everything is mouse oriented. While programming I have my hands on the keyboard. So I want to do as much as possible with shortcuts and the keyboard. The good news is that eclipse comes with a great set of helpers built-in. Here is my list of my favorite hotkeys and shortcuts…

  1. F3 — Jumps to include file or variable declaration/definition. If you want to use the mouse for this, press the Ctrl key and hover over the source with the mouse. Shortcut for Navigate > Open Declaration.
  2. Alt+Left and Alt+Right — Navigate through my source to back and forward. Shortcuts for Navigate > Back and Navigate > Forward and Backward.
  3. Ctrl+Space — Content assist which proposes methods/member variables and more based on my typing. Start typing with a. and it will show me the struct members. Shortcut for Edit > Content Assist:  Content Assist

    CTRL+Space: Content Assist

  4. Ctrl+3 — Quick Access let me go to views, perspectives and more. Shortcut for Window > Navigation > Quick Access:  Quick Access

    CTRL+3: Quick Access

  5. Ctrl+M — Maximizes the current view or editor. Press Ctrl+M again and it goes back to the previous size. Shortcut for Window > Navigation > Maximize Active View or Editor.
  6. Ctrl+Shift+/ — Insert block comment, remove it again with Ctrl+Shift+\. Shortcut for Source > Add Block Comment. Depending on your keyboard layout you might re-assign this short cut (e.g. if on your keyboard ‘/’ is only reached with the Shift key).
  7. Ctrl+Shift+T — Open an element with wildcard support. Shortcut for Navigate > Open Element:  Open Element

    Ctrl+Shift+T: Open Element

  8. Ctrl+F7— Switch to next view. Pressing again Ctrl+F7 let you iterate to the next view. Use Ctrl+Shift+F7 for previous view. Shortcut for Window > Navigation > Next View:  Views

    Ctrl-F7: Views

  9. Ctrl+Alt+h — Opens the call hierarchy. Shortcut for Navigate > Open Call Hierarchy:  Call Hierarchy

    Ctrl+Alt+h: Call Hierarchy

  10. Ctrl-O — Open the Quick Outline View. Shortcut for Navigate > Quick Outline:  Quick Outline View

    Ctrl+O: Quick Outline View

If you do not like the shortcuts (or key bindings): go to Window > Preferences > General > Keys and change the bindings:

Key Bindings

Key Bindings

I admit: this is my personal list. If you know about a ‘secret’ shortcut which you would like to see on this list, post a comment.

Happy short cutting :-)

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Vivek Singh replied on Mon, 2012/04/30 - 12:41pm

Thanks. Ctrl 3 is so simple and so useful

Ashish Pathak replied on Mon, 2012/04/30 - 1:17pm

Ctrl+Shift+G - Search for References in the workspace

Ctrl+D - Delete Current line

Alt+Shift+R - Rename/Refactor variable/method/class

Ctrl+Shift+R - Open resource, you can type the name and open appropriate object

Alt+Shift+J - Add javadoc comments for the method 



Andrew Spencer replied on Wed, 2012/05/02 - 3:50am

It's worth knowing all the refactoring shortcuts.

For Java:

Alt+Ctrl+R rename 
Alt+Ctrl+V move 
Alt+Ctrl+I inline (a variable or a method) 
Alt+Ctrl+L local variable - makes a variable from the selected expression; the opposite of variable inlining 
Alt+Ctrl+Tbrings up the refactoring menu which you need for things like Extract Interface, Pull Up/Down etc that don't have keyboard shortcuts 


Rick Suggs replied on Thu, 2012/05/03 - 1:10pm

My favorite shortcuts for Java are:

Ctrl+Shift+O - Organize Imports

Ctrl+Shift+I - Inspect Element

Rod Knowlton replied on Sat, 2012/05/05 - 1:17pm

Ctrl-Shift-L to show all keyboard shortcuts available in the current context. 

 Also, it's really handy to have a key bound to Windows->Preferences->General->Keys (I use Alt-,). 


Alex Martínez replied on Mon, 2012/05/07 - 7:41am

Ctrl + 1

Quick fix. Create a variable, rename it, add import,... 

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