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Pieter Humphrey01/16/13
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Next Stop: Spring Framework 4.0

The current 3.2 generation is a natural conclusion of the 3.x line, with Java-based configuration and REST having been recent focus areas next to Java SE 7 and Servlet 3.0 support. For Spring Framework 4.0, our focus is on emerging enterprise themes in 2013...

Sheraz Khan01/01/13
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Aspose.Newsletter January 2013 Edition is Out Now

Aspose Newsletter for January 2013 has now been published that highlights all the newly supported features offered in the recent releases of its JasperReports exporters, SQL Server rendering extensions, .NET, Java & SharePoint components. This...

Kai Wähner12/19/12
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What is the TCO difference between IBM WebSphere and Open Source JBoss? – Just my two cents…

Disclaimer: I work for an “open source company”. The following is my personal opinion!

Laurent Cohen12/19/12
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JPPF 3.2 Released

 JPPF 3.2 brings client-side scheduling and SLA, class loader performance and resilience improvements, IPv6 readiness.

Anthony Goubard12/13/12
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Ant Commander 3.0. Free File Manager

Ant Commander 3.0 had been released. Ant Commander is a free and powerful file manager. File operations are executed by Ant and it manages all the file systems supported by commons-vfs.

Matt Raible12/12/12
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AppFuse 2.2.1 Released

The AppFuse Team is pleased to announce the release of AppFuse 2.2.1. This release includes upgrades to all dependencies to bring them up-to-date with their latest releases. Most notable are Hibernate 4, Struts 2.3.7, Apache CXF 2.7.0 and Spring Security...

Vladimir Kondratyev12/12/12
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YourKit Java Profiler 12 Released

Greetings, YourKit, LLC is glad to announce immediate availability of YourKit Java Profiler 12 released on December 3, 2012. It can be downloaded at MOST NOTABLE CHANGES AND NEW FEATURES: ...

Kelly Reiser12/12/12
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Manning's Countdown to 2013

Manning's Countdown to 2013 has officially started. With daily giveaways, special discounts and prizes we're leading up to the New Year.  In addition to the Deal of the Day, you'll have a chance to win two eBooks every day and one lucky...

Rauf Issa12/10/12
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JobServer 3.4.14 for Oracle RAC 11g

We are happy to announce the release of JobServer 3.4.14 which brings expanded enterprise features to JobServer's scheduling engine and job processing platform. JobServer has always been designed from the ground up for massive job scheduling and processing...

Mihai Dinca - P...12/10/12
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NextReports 5.4 is available

NextReports  reporting suite has reached version 5.4.One of the most important new feature in NextReports Designer is the possibility to have dynamic series for charts. Till this version, a chart could have up to 10 static columns (series) for Y axis to...