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Ralph Soika04/21/13
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Version 3.1.1 of Imixs Workflow released

Today the new version 3.1.1 of the Imixs Workflow engine has been released. The release includes several bug fixes and enhancements to the plug-in API. Imixs Workflow now supports full HTML Mails. The Mail Plug-In API was extended and provides more...

Martina Schmid04/18/13
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QF-Test version 3.5.0 released

Quality First Software GmbH has released the new branch of their professional test automation tool for Web and Java GUIs in feature-complete version 3.5.0.

Usman Sarfraz04/15/13
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Best Web Conferencing Application for Android Devices

 In recent past when Banckle announced Live Chat app for Android platform, our valuable Banckle Online Meeting customers desired the same for online meeting application.

Simon Martinelli04/09/13
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QLRM - Query Language Result Mapper 1.0 released

SQLResultMapper was renamed to QLRM - Query Language Result Mapper  Version 1.0 is now available in Maven Central: <dependency> <groupId>ch.simas.qlrm</groupId> <artifactId>qlrm</artifactId> ...

Laurent Cohen04/08/13
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JPPF 3.3

JPPF makes it easy to parallelize computationally intensive tasks and execute them on a Grid

Michael Justin04/04/13
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Delphi clients for JMS and AMQP Open Source Message Brokers

 April 2, 2013 - Habarisoft announces the release of new client libraries for five popular Open Source Message Brokers - Apache ActiveMQ, Apollo, HornetQ, Open MQ and RabbitMQ. This release of Habari message broker client libraries introduces new...

Andrey Dulub04/03/13
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Need assistance with JasperReports?

JasperWave team launched  a new support forum for developers and report designers, who use JasperReports Library. Check it out: topics, ask questions, and share your insights. It's all about...

Reza Rahman04/03/13
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FishCAT: GlassFish 4 Community Acceptance Testing

GlassFish 4 is under development now and will be released along with Java EE 7 in a few months. We need your help in testing the nightly and promoted builds of GlassFish. This is an opportunity to significantly influence the quality of GlassFish as well...

Javier Paniza04/03/13
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OpenXava 4.7 released: Automatic UI generation from JPA entities

OpenXava is a framework for Rapid Development, well-suited for business and database oriented applications. OpenXava allows you to develop applications just by writing simple JPA entities with Java or Groovy. The user interface is generated automatically in...

Eric Genesky04/02/13
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Riverbed Unveils Unified Application Performance Management Suite

Riverbed Technology  recently announced a unified application performance management (APM) suite for monitoring multi-tier applications.  Xpert 8.5 provides visibility for application performance, support, and development.  From the original...

Pari Charb04/01/13
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JAVA C++ - Status I

I previously described the start of the JCPP project in a very short article: am going to write several statuses every time I have something significant to report. I think that I have now reached an interesting...

Eugene Ivantsov03/28/13
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Codenvy Beats Desktop With a 10 Point Lead

How long does it take to do Hello World on Eclipse, provided that you have a clean Linux machine? I was curious enough to start an experiment and record it. Enjoy the comparison. Desktop vs Cloud. Eclipse vs Codenvy .

Reza Rahman03/28/13
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Oracle Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect Exam Now Available

The value proposition of getting any particular technology certification is definitely not as black-and-white as it once used to be. Nonetheless for those developers trying to make the often difficult transition into the role of an effective architect,...