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Todd Runstein04/28/08
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Migrate4j - Database Migration Tool for Java

Migrate4j is a migration tool for java, similar to Ruby's db:migrate task. Unlike other Java based migration tools, database schema changes are defined in Java, not SQL. This means your migrations can be applied to different database engines without worrying...

Anton Zrzavy04/28/08
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[fleXive] 3.0 RC1 Java EE framework released under LGPL

[fleXive] is a comprehensive Java EE 5 library, based on EJB3, together with a supplementing JSF component library - built for flexibility and extensibility. It puts strong focus on enterprise-scale content modeling, storage and retrieval, and includes...

Tatyana Matveyeva04/25/08
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QuipuKit 1.4.3 with Improved JBoss Seam Compatibility

We are pleased to announce a release of QuipuKit 1.4.3, a commercial component library for JSF. In this maintenance release we have resolved the known issue of using JBoss Seam's link and button components inside of QuipuKit DataTable component. This release...

Cosmina Stefanache04/24/08
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Fanurio Time Tracking And Billing For Freelancers - Linux Version Released

Atelier Software announces the release of Fanurio 1.10, a time tracking and billing application designed for freelancers. With Fanurio, freelancers can easily organize their work, track time and create invoices. Just add a new client to the application and...

Haim Ko04/23/08
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XpoLog V3.5 Released - Automatic Log Analytics

XpoLog's new features include automatic risk and problem detection based on a logs content scanner. Correlate multiple sources to automatically identify problems, risks and anomalies.XpoLog provides Google Analytic-like reports for J2EE applications.

Eugene Toporov04/23/08
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JxBrowser 1.0: cross-platform browser component for java applications

JxBrowser is the cross-platform library that enables integration of Mozilla Firefox browser into Java AWT/Swing applications. It works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms. The library uses the latest Gecko 1.9 layout engine for rendering HTML...

jordi Hernandez04/23/08
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Jawr 2.0: Bundles and Minifies, now for Grails and Facelets

The latest release of Jawr allows Facelets and Grails users to leverage its capabilities. Jawr is an Open Source library which offers two complementary uses for java and groovy web applications in which javascript is heavily used:

Aleksey Gureiev04/18/08
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Fast Feed Fishing With BlogBridge 6.3

Let me introduce another release of the BlogBridge project, but first briefly a recap of what BlogBridge is. It's a powerful news aggregator and a feed reader for Mac, Windows, and Linux. We say that it’s an aggregator for people who need to follow hundreds...

Javier Paniza04/18/08
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OpenXava 3.0.1: Hibernate Validator Support

OpenXava is a JPA Application Engine. You put in your JPA classes and, in exchange, you obtain a full-featured application ready for production

Robert Palomo04/17/08
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Could You Get Hooked on ALM?

Polarion Software has just put out a juicy carrot to get your Java team hooked on their ALM approach: Polarion ALM Community which, according to the company website, has the same bug tracking and CM features as their enterprise product plus a few goodies that...

David Qiao04/15/08
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JIDE Updates Popular Desktop App Framework

JIDE Desktop Application Framework, or JDAF in short, is a platform for developing truly cross-platform desktop applications in Java.

Nitin Bharti04/15/08
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IceFaces 1.7 adds new and improved Ajax widgetry

IceSoft Technologies today unveiled Icefaces 1.7, a JSF component suite that allows you to build server-centric, Ajax applications in pure Java. Icefaces employs 'Ajax push' technology to make changes to the client-side DOM, allowing data to be updated and...

James Willans04/15/08
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Beyond Annotations: A Proposal for Extensible Java (XJ)

At Ceteva, we have put together a document which outlines a proposal for adding mechanisms to the Java language which allows it to be arbitrarily extended.

Ann Oreshnikova04/15/08
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JetGroovy 1.5 for IntelliJ IDEA is Out

We are pleased to announce the general availability of JetGroovy 1.5. This popular Groovy development plug-in for IntelliJ IDEA has been extended with a number of highly anticipated features:

Rob Leland04/11/08
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'Closures for Java Project' Vote Completed!

April 14th: The vote for sponsoring the Closures for Java Project was started April 11th by Jonathan Gibbons on the compiler-dev group today. All 7 voting members have voted Yes !