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Thierry Tremblay05/22/08
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Launch of Project Drive: Web-based Project Management Solution

Quebec, Canada, May 20th, 2008 - TGMT Systems Inc, today announced the launch of its newest web-based business solution, Project Drive ( Project Drive is a fully customizable, web-based project management solution, TGMT Systems...

Sandra Wendland05/22/08
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Java User Group Switzerland RIA Event in Zurich on 29th May

Canoo and Java User Group Switzerland are organizing an event on Rich Internet Applications for Mobile Devices. Canoo's Dierk Koenig will present a talk on "Going Mobile with JavaFX Script, Groovy and Google Android":

Bob Schellink05/22/08
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Click Web Framework 1.5 M1 released

Click 1.5 milestone 1 is available for download. This release introduces the concept of a container for building hierarchical components. The core has been refactored into pluggable services which enables support for Freemarker as an alternative template...

Harnek R05/21/08
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DbWrench Database Design v1.4.7

Version 1.4.7 of this database design and round-trip engineering software has been released.

Stéphane Bagnier05/21/08
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LibreSource 2.5 - Collaborative Forge Software, Now Released Under GPL

The LibreSource consortium, composed of Artenum, INRIA and Paris VII university, has announced the release of LibreSource 2.5,

Edwin Dankert05/21/08
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XML Hammer 1.0 Released

I am very pleased to finally announce the release of version 1.0 of the XML Hammer application. The XML Hammer application is a free and open-source tool that simplifies elementary XML actions like checking for well-formedness, validation, transformation...

Mikael Grev05/20/08
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MiG Calendar v6.6 Released

MiG InfoCom is proud to announce the release of MiG Calendar 6.6, a component that can be used in your application to visualize activities/events on a time line. Target applications includes calendaring applications, visualizing resource allocations,...

Andrey Grebnev05/20/08
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Blandware has released AtLeap 0.56

Blandware AtLeap is a free Java multilingual CMS (Content Management System) with full-text search engine. Blandware AtLeap is a framework which allows you to rapidly start your own Web application. AtLeap 0.56 has the following changes:

Alex Ruiz05/20/08
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FEST-Swing 1.0a2: GUI Testing Made Easy

FEST-Swing is a Java library that provides a fluent interface for functional Swing GUI testing. This library provides an easy-to-use API that makes creation and maintenance of GUI tests easy.

Brian Pontarelli05/19/08
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JCatapult RC2 released!

The JCatapult team is pleased to announce the release of 1.0-RC2.  For those unfamiliar with JCatapult, here is an overview: JCatapult is an open source (ASLv2) application development platform targeted primarily at web applications, but capable of being...

Elizaveta Revyakina05/19/08
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TeamCity 4.0 Early Access Program is Open!

After a short break in developing new features we are glad to launch the Early Access Program for TeamCity version 4.0.A list of this EAP build features includes the following:

James Sugrue05/19/08
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WEB4J - A Minimalist Web App Framework

WEB4J is a java web application framework built by the author of It was built out of deep frustration with existing tools. WEB4J is appropriate for people looking for a simpler way to build java web apps. Some important things about it:

Bruno Lowagie05/18/08
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iText 2.1.2 updates

Some releases are simple. You have some bug fixes, you have some new functionality. And when you think there's sufficient new stuff to release, you just go ahead and make the release. That's how it has always been with iText. I admit it's not very organized,...

Collin Fagan05/16/08
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The Java Tutorial Community Site

There is a new project on The Java Tutorial Community Site. Project Mission Statement:"The Java Tutorial Community Site is a community participatory website for the Java Tutorials. This is the place to discuss the tutorials and to share with...

Christopher Deckers05/16/08
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DJ NativeSwing 0.9.5 - State-of-the-art native component integration for Swing

DJ Native Swing 0.9.5 is finally out! And this is great news for us who just want to integrate native components in our rich Java Swing applications.