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David Gilbert11/18/13
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Orson Charts 3D

Object Refinery Limited is pleased to announce Orson Charts, a 3D chart library for the Java(tm) platform. 

Jim Marino11/17/13
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Service Composition: Modularity for SOA and Event-Driven Applications, Part I

Modularity is a cornerstone of good application design. As systems become more distributed, we’re faced with unique challenges to achieving effective modularity. How do you organize, encapsulate, and version loosely-coupled services?

Ivan Kinash11/11/13
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DexProtector 4.6.0 with Android 4.4 Support Released

Licel LLC has announced today the availability of the new version of its application security solution designed specifically for developers targeting the Android platform. DexProtector 4.6 fights malicious application repackaging and intellectual property...

Vladimir Djurovic11/10/13
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DEMUX Framework 0.7.1 released

  DEMUX Framework 0.7.1 is released today. This version brings new features and improvements to extension system, as well as many bug fixes. Some basic highlights include:

Vladimir Ikryanov11/08/13
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JxBrowser 4 Released

Today we are launching the long-awaited official JxBrowser 4.0. The new major version is based on one of the most powerful web browser engine - Google Chromium, leaving behind the support of separate browsers for different platforms.

Mateusz Wenus11/06/13
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Organization Chart in Liferay 6.0.6

Liferay out of the box provides very flexible and powerful features to organize a portal. It allows creation of Communities, Organizations, Roles, User Groups, Teams and of course Users. All of these entites and relationships between them are described...

Peter Abeles11/05/13
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Java Matrix Benchmark 2013 Update

Java Matrix Benchmark (JMatBench) is a tool for evaluating Java linear algebra libraries for speed, stability, and memory usage.  This tool can be used by users to select the best library for their application and by developers for identifying bugs and...

Laurent Doguin11/05/13
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Nuxeo Platform 5.8 Long term Support Released!

We just released Nuxeo 5.8 Long Term Support. If you want a complete overview of what's in there, have a look at the release notes . This version will be supported for the next three years. It brings you a new REST API, easy to use, that fits very well with...

Thies Edeling10/30/13
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eHour released

eHour is an open source, web-based, multi-user time tracking tool for companies and organizations who need accurate information on how much time is spend on projects.

Mauro Carniel10/28/13
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A free solution to very common needs

 How many times did your organization have the need to create simple applications to use internally? Enterprise applications are very common in any company, independently of the working area, including applications such as holidays request forms,...

Emma Jones10/25/13
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JvCache Provides In-Memory Data Grid and Distributed Cache for Java

Alachisoft has released JvCache, an extremely fast and scalable in-memory data grid and distributed cache for Java applications. Scale your Java applications to extreme transaction processing (XTP) with JvCache. Use JvCache for application data caching to...

Eduardo Coca10/24/13
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Shield4J - A Java class and Android APK obfuscator, encrypter, shrinker and merger

Shield4J is a Java class and Android APK (dex) obfuscator, encrypter, shrinker and merger based on a powerful, easy-to-use and cheap online service.

Darshan Bobra10/21/13
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Oracle Database 12C new features

1) Table partition maintenance enhancements:-Adding multiple new partitionsBefore Oracle 12c R1, it was only possible to add one new partition at a time to an existing partitioned table. To add more than one new partition, you had to execute an individual...

Rauf Issa10/20/13
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JobServer with Mesos

We are happy to announce the release of JobServer 3.6 beta1 with support for Mesos clustering and distributed job processing. Release 3.6 is an early access release of JobServer with integrated support for Mesos. With this release of JobServer, you can now...