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debug tools03/23/09
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JDebugTool 4.2 - Graphical Java Debugger

JDebugTool from LLC is a: Standalone graphical Java debugger. Built on top of the standard JPDA (Java Platform Debugger Architecture). Is itself written in Java. Features an intuitive and graphical Java Swing GUI. Context-sensitive Help...

Wei Ling Chen03/20/09
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Calling All Virtualization Experts! Refcard Author Needed

Calling for all Virtualization Experts! As you may know, we have a fun project we're working on called Refcardz and these are a series of free professional cheat sheets for developers. We have released 45 titles since May 2008 and have had over 400,000...

Wei Ling Chen03/20/09
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Calling All Camel Reviewers: Enterprise Integration Patterns with Apache Camel

Calling All Reviewers. We need your feedback by Friday, March 27th.We're in the middle of finishing up the Camel refcard by Claus Ibsen and needs your help. Please take a look at this draft in the link below and give us your two cents. Also, please feel free...

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Saving PowerPoint Presentations in PPT, POT & POS formats

Aspose.Slides is a Java component to create, read, write and modify a PowerPoint document without using Microsoft PowerPoint. What’s new in this release? This improvement release of Aspose.Slides for Java announces additional optimization of reading and...

Johnny Zetterstrom03/19/09
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TeamPostgreSQL: Showcasing Google Web Toolkit

Webworks just released TeamPostgreSQL, their web administration and team platform for the PostgreSQL database.A JEE web application with a rich AJAX client, the application serves as a showcase of what GWT can deliver in this arena, featuring a complex yet...

Huy Tran03/19/09
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ThinkUI SQL Client 1.1.1

ThinkUI Software Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of ThinkUI SQL Client 1.1.1.

Igor Shvydkoy03/19/09
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JExplorer 2.x with Java Applets Support

JExplorer, a Java library for integrating Microsoft Internet Explorer into Java, supports Java applets now After a small EAP period, TeamDev is happy to announce the commercial release of JExplorer 2.x.JExplorer is our library that provides a convenient Java...

Igor Shvydkoy03/19/09
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JxFileWatcher from TeamDev - A New Java Library to Monitor File System Events

TeamDev has recently announced the start of Early Access Program (EAP)* for a new product called JxFileWatcher.JxFileWatcher is a cross-platform library that provides convenient Java API for monitoring file system events. It provides notifications about file...

Alexei Orischenko03/18/09
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CodeExplorer 1.3: Free Code Analysis Plugin for IntelliJ Idea

CodeExplorer helps to analyze Java code: find all method call chains to the method and what methods called from the method.

Zviki Cohen03/18/09
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nWire 1.0 Released: Innovative Plugin For Java Code Exploration

nWire is an Eclipse plug-in for software developers which offers a fresh look at code exploration by assisting and expediting the coding process. Developers spend more time analyzing code than writing it. Having a centralized view of all the application...

Jeff Martin03/18/09
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Instant Java Rich Application Builder

There's been a lot of discussion here lately about how to fix Java, with suggestions focused on writing new scripting languages, markup languages, application or binding frameworks and even a re-write, "Swing 2.0".

Wei Ling Chen03/17/09
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IT 360 Conference, Free Trade Show Pass

IT360 CONFERENCE & EXPO 2009April 8, 2009, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building, Toronto, CanadaDZone members get free admission to the trade show, simply register here with code: TS1 Do you want to stay on top in a Game-changing world?...

Nitin Bharti03/16/09
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Agile Adoption Refcard for Decreasing Time to Market Available for Download

What is Agile? Do you have the right agile practices for your team? This Refcard focuses on choosing the right agile practices for your team or organization when getting to market faster is of prime importance. Learn about the practices that are the building...

Alexander Krivov03/16/09
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Protection! Licensing Toolkit 4.2 released

jProductivity has released Protection! 4.2, a greatly improved version of leading licensing solution for software developer and publishers.Protection! provides a complete turnkey licensing package that lets software vendors lock pirates out of their...

Oege de Moor03/16/09
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Flexible Code Analysis Tool Released

SemmleCode Professional Edition is a flexible code analysis tool that helps you explore unfamiliar code bases, identify refactoring opportunities, do an automated code review, and visualize dependencies. SemmleCode is an Eclipse plugin, and it takes just a...