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Michael Justin03/31/09
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JMS Message Exchange: Delphi to Open Message Queue

Delphi client library for the OpenMQ open source message broker Habari OpenMQ Client is a library for Delphi 6 to 2009 and Free Pascal which provides easy access to the Open Message Queue (OpenMQ) Message Broker. The library uses the Stomp message protocol...

Olivier Gaudin03/31/09
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Sonar 1.7: Open Source Platform for Java Code Quality

The Sonar team is pleased to announce the release of Sonar 1.7.

Wei Ling Chen03/30/09
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Enterprise Integration Patterns with Apache Camel Refcard Now Available!

Apache Camel is a powerful open source integration platform based on Enterprise Integration Patterns with Bean Integration. This Refcard provides you with eleven of the most essential patterns that anyone working with integration must know. This Refcard is...

Pieter Humphrey03/27/09
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Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 11g released

Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (OEPE), the #1 free development environment for Oracle WebLogic Server, introduces new tools for Spring, Object / Relational Mapping, EclipseLink support, and WebLogic JAX-WS Web Services. This certified set of Eclipse...

Jakob Jenkov03/27/09
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Butterfly DI Container 2.7.9-beta - Now App Configuration Support

Butterfly DI Container 2.7.9-beta Butterfly DI Container is an ultra lightweight Java dependency injection container. It supports pretty much all the most commonly used DI features. Butterfly DI Container is different from Spring in that it uses a DI...

Dave Sims03/26/09
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Flux 7.8 Released: New REST Capability For Jobs and Workflows

Flux is a Java job scheduler, file transfer engine, and workflow engine. It is used by Java developers to embed job scheduling, file transfers, and workflow into their application architectures. Flux 7.8 includes new features for querying and updating...

Jacek Furmankiewicz03/26/09
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Swing JavaBuilder 0.3 Final

I am happy to announce the 0.3.FINAL release of the Swing JavaBuilder engine:

Jevgeni Kabanov03/25/09
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JavaRebel 2.0 Released – Improves Upon the Award-Winning 1.0

ZeroTurnaround today announced the release of JavaRebel 2.0, a JVM plugin that enables Java developers to see changes to their code immediately, without the need for application or container restarts.

Mihai Dinca - P...03/25/09
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NextReports - A Report Tool Made in Java

Every business nowadays needs a way to generate a lot of reports. There are various software applications that try to fill this gap. Some  are very powerful tools, but not as easy to learn and use. Every tool has its benefits and its drawbacks. Trying to...

James Sugrue03/25/09
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GlassFish Tools Bundle for Eclipse

Sun have announced the availablity of the GlassFish Tools Bundle for Eclipse. Both GlassFish v2.1 and v3 Prelude are bundled and pre-configured with the build. The bundle is based on Eclipse IDE 3.4.1 Java EE. 

Christopher Deckers03/25/09
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DJ Native Swing 0.9.8 - Web Browser, Flash Player and More

DJ Native Swing allows to easily integrate some native components into Swing applications, and provides some native utilities to enhance Swing's APIs. 

Dennis G.03/25/09
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New Java Logging Tool - SmartInspect 3.2

Gurock Software just announced the new version of their advanced Java, .NET and Delphi logging tool SmartInspect 3.2. The new version includes dozens of new features, improvements and bug fixes and can be downloaded from Gurock's website. SmartInspect 3.2 now...

Wei Ling Chen03/24/09
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Learn the latest on Security, Virtualization & Cloud Computing: Free Trade Show Pass

IT360 CONFERENCE & EXPO 2009 April 8, 2009, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building, Toronto, Canada IT360 focuses on Key IT Pillars:

James Sugrue03/24/09
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Instantiations Release Major Upgrade With WindowBuilderPro 7.0

Instantiations will release version 7.0 of its market-leading WindowBuilder™ Pro Java GUI builder today. It's a good week for Instantiations as they were also awarded "Best Commercial Eclipse-Based Developer Tool" by the Eclipse Foundation at...

Nitin Bharti03/23/09
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DataDirect Connect 6.0 released -- database drivers for ODBC

Data connectivity and integration company DataDirect Technologies, an operating company of Progress Software Corporation, today announced the availability of DataDirect Connect for ODBC version 6.0.  The latest release of the suite of 32-bit and 64-bit ODBC...