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ZK Studio 0.9.3: CRUD Application Builder

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ZK Studio 0.9.3 released, this version brings a Zeta DB Form Buidler & Style Designer is fully suport ZK version 3.6!

Potix Corporation has announced the availability of ZK Studio 0.9.3 . ZK Studio, a visual integrated development environment, provides easy and intuitive tools that span the entire applicationdevelopment lifecycle, including UI design, prototyping, development, anddeployment tools for developing ZK applications. ZK Studio 0.9.3 introduced new features like Zeta DB Form Builder, and Style Designer is fully suport ZK version 3.6! Developers can create a CRUD application in seconds. Moreover, developers can customize the style ofuser interface by setting properties, and see the result in seconds.

Zeta : A DB Form Builder for ZK!

The CRUD code generating Builder for ZK, called Zeta, can give you the quick prototype code to present Database data visually in seconds!


ZK Style Designer!

The ZK Style Designer (*Note: for ZK v3.5.2 and above only.) provides a friendly GUI interface to edit CSS styles for various ZUML components of ZK 3.5.2 & ZK 3.6.0, used with ZUL Visual Editor, you can see customized result immediately.

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