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ZK Studio 0.8.3 is released

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ZK Studio, a visual integrated development environment, provides easy and intuitive tools that span the entire application development lifecycle, including UI design, prototyping, development, and deployment tools for developing Ajax applications.

ZK Studio 0.8.3 fully-supports Eclipse 3.4(Ganymede) and fix several bugs. Please take a look at this release note. The off-line download package could be downloaded

Feature Highlights:

ZUL Palette View

ZUL Palette View is a custom view of studio, you can open it by clicking 'Window > Show View > Others > ZK > ZUL Palette'.

ZUL Palette shows the full components/directives of ZK as an item in palette, those items are categorized in different groups.

Zscript Hyperlink

You can use hyperlinking functionality just as Java Editor in Eclipse in <zscript>...</zscript> and <attribute name = "onEventName">...</attribute> code section which use the default JAVA script language. And the default keyboard shortcut F3 for the "Open Declaration"” function in Eclipse is also available.


More new features.

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Eugene Kuleshov replied on Wed, 2008/10/08 - 12:10am

It is really great that this ZK thing supports Ganymede, but what it is actually useful for? It would be nice if such announcements contained some basic description about the product being announced.

Robbie Cheng replied on Wed, 2008/10/08 - 4:47am in response to: Eugene Kuleshov

thx Kuleshov, updated!

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