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ZK 3.6 Supports Java Applets

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In ZK 3.6.0, Listbox supports auto-soring on fields, Applet Component allows you to embed Java Applet, and Debug mode for testing is provided. In addition to over 44 bug fixes, there are 24 new features. Moreover, CSS and images are simplified and optimized for better performance.

 Feature Highlight

 ZK Applet Componnet

A Java applet is an applet delivered to the users in the form of Java bytecode. It allows developer to create responsive user experience by running Java code on the client with Java Visual Machine. Applet component is ready for you to embed Java code on the client side. In the following, we demonstrate a marquee example, whose text could be changed dynamically. zk applet.png

<applet code="ticker.class" msg="ZK is Simple and Rich!" id="ticker"
width="400px" style="border: 1px" />

<toolbarbutton label="Stop" onClick='ticker.invoke("stop");' />
<toolbarbutton label="Start" onClick='ticker.invoke("start");' />
<textbox id="textbox" value="ZK Applet is Great" />
<toolbarbutton label="Change Message"
onClick='ticker.setField("message", textbox.value);' />
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