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ZK 3.5.2 & Brand New ZK Demo

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Over 10 new features and 36 bugs fixed. It enables better integration between MVC pattern and data-binding, template page supported.

ZK 3.5.2 is released. Over 10 new features and 36 bugs fixed. It enables better integration between MVC pattern and data-binding, template page supported. Download Now.

Moreover, ZK Demo is much enhanced, more test cases, easier way of searching, and usability.

New Feature Highlight
*New ZKDemo - more use cases, easier searching, and better usability.
*MVC Pattern enhanced with Data Binding
*Use Template to Layout Web Pages
*Define Library Properties in lang-addon.xml

New Features:
2173627: A way to specify where to gen ZK tags in JSP (incl zul)
2173943: Enhance the generation of noscript (unavailable message)
2188951: Provide layout(template)-injection page composition
2086692: Data binder should have access to the composer
2314150: Execution.isBrowser(type) should be able to detect iphone..
2354640: lang-addon.xml supports library-property
2354769: Add the ZK 3.0.x button mold for ZK 3.5.x
2354768: Add the ZK 3.0.x paging mold for ZK 3.5.x
2368975: Data binder provide getAllBindings() to ease getting all
2386550: ZK Component Interface

Bug fixes:
2154845: tab switch in Java - setImage makes layout go crazy
2156410: <noscript> shall be placed inside body rather than head (FF)
2162808: False alarm when using xsi:schemaLocation="..."
2163047: Some Zul components fail to clone and serialize
2165067: Fail to remove children via invoking it.previous()
2182062: Scroll button show in nested tabbox
2182111: tab strange when label is null
2188572: forEachStatus sample code does not work
2182972: issue with overlapped window, no title or border
2154611: Menuitem in Menubar - quirks
2197450: getNextSibling() not maintained in root components
2186722: Typo in window code sample
2199361: Failed to create components in Initiator.init()
2198961: AuUploader ignores 'nextURI' parameter
2202620: Comet unable to stop in the comet thread
2208873: fail to loop an array declared in zsciprt using python
2227929: createComponents(String, Map) shall not add to current page
2224964: FileUpload hang in IE on 1st click
2241429: Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability in ZK
2233787: No selected item in radiogroup if select by arrow key
2261249: the bug of Grid with sorting
2280308: WrongValueException message is disappearing...
2280258: Setting the widths property of hbox with splitter is wrong
2308265: forEach doesn't handle boolean array
2313106: Fail to invalidate cmp inside borderlayout if flex=true...
2313445: It looks like strange after invalidate verticle tabs.
2217915: filedownload doesn't work when opera opera 9.5.x
2337652: ID space cleanup problem if not attached to a page
2319972: Tree with checkmarks shows layout quirks
2349456: It's not possible to navigate a listbox with keyboard only
2355376: IE fail in some special case
2241309: Clone component shall clone GenericAutowireComposer as well
2355943: Default content font-family (fontFamilyC) in Linux
2376488: DateBox parsing problem
2383106: Back button and form values reset not recognized
2388345: Defect in use of forEach, arrays and data binding

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