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ZK 3.5.1: 6 New Features and 28 Bugs Fixed

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Over 6 new features and 28 bugs fixed. New Tree style, Session fixation protection supporeted, and more...

ZK is an Ajax framework. 100% Java, no JavaScript. With event-driven, 200+ components, and markup languages, development as simple as programming desktops and authoring HTML/XUL pages. ZK supports JSF, JSP, J2EE, and scripting in Java, Ruby, Groovy...  
Over 6 new features and 28 bugs fixed. New Tree style, Session fixation protection supporeted. 
New Features: 

2106820: Change font size/family with system properties 
2058993: Fileupload supports bookmarkable and resumable download 
2117539: Support Session Fixation Protection 
2125862: Extendlet supports filters 
2127848: New Tree style 
2139857: Components.addForward shall handle cascade $ name pattern 

Bug fixes:

2111900: Multiline textbox cannot fire onChanging 
2105158: Menu separator unvisible 
2104921: Border layout collapsing can hide the wrong element 
2104974: tabpanel content hide when tab get selected 
2107058: 3.5.0: textbox value reported as empty in such case 
2114122: IE6 - Tab's close button have no opacity 
1962310: Listbox first column invisble affects keystroke navigation 
2105802: Treechildren image problem 
2107675: zk switch, zk case 
2124395: onURIChange is not fire if the first page is not ZUL 
2114380: Filedownload bug with WebSphere 5.1.1 
2125673: Groupbox default mold closable useless 
2125788: Hilighted window covered by mask when change title 
2124391: Tree, attribute sequence cause wrong result 
2128058: Fails to change the visibility of Border Region dynamically 
2129667: Listbox(&Grid).setItemRenderer shall unload loaded items 
2129730: databinding fails to process access='none' 
2129992: TypeConverter cannot be found by databind if in zscript 
2099562: [Opera] progressbar flattened when value = zero 
2139542: Fail to change the format of Datebox with "dd-MMM-yyyy" 
2138378: Bug "datebox" when Browser language with Spanish [es] 
2138131: GenericForwardComposer throw Exception if component inexist 
2140491: Set "save-when" in Listbox selectedItem does not trigger 
2143479: Failed to invoke sendRedirect or forward in DesktopInit 
2149043: Fisheye can't change image dynamically 
2148979: Window: maxim and minim buttons disappear using caption 
2150591: rm list&group, list&groupfoot should remove at the same time 
2150566: After change the label of Listgroup, it can't open/close 
Release Notes:

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