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ZK Studio 0.9 Enables WYSIWYG Ajax Development

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 ZK Studio 0.9 enables WYSIWYG Editor and Filtering feature in Ajax Widget Palette! Web designer can get more involed with the UI design with ease by drag-and-drop development.  ZK studio really simplifies the job of creating rich Internet application.

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Feature Highlight:

 New Visual Editor (WYSIWYG) !


Filter of the Palette!


More Detail

ZK Studio 0.9.0
* Features
2115817 Palette:Support filter function
2150696 Show instructive info in Zul Palette View when items unavail
2130000 Supports zul file visual preview

* Bugs
2152677 ZUL Model should follow selection index of outline
2067175 ZK Project Import cause duplicate setting in web.xml
2150643 Import ZK Package setting only shown in Java Perspective
2150635 New ZUL File entry in Java EE Perspective

* Upgrade Notes
+Facet 'ZK Update Manager' was removed, a new facet 'ZK Supports' is created.
Please config your project to 'ZK Supports' facet to enable some features of ZK Studio.
An old project which associate with 'ZK Update Manager' will show some warning
when config, please ignore it.

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