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WicketStuff 6.10.0 is out!

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The new version of the community-driven project WicketStuff is now available. It follows the relaease of the last version 6.10.0 of Apache Wicket.

Along with bugfixes and code improvements, the new version comes with the following new modules:

  • Async tasks: this module comes with two components, ProgressButton and ProgressBar, that allow to control a background process within a Wicket application. The task information of all components is updated in a fixed, user-specified interval via Ajax. See project page for more details.
  • Wicket REST annotations: this module provides a special resource class and a set of annotations to implement REST API/services in much the same way as we do it with Spring MVC or with the standard JAX-RS. See project page for more details.

All the new artifacts are available in central Maven repository .

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