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WEB4J - A Minimalist Web App Framework

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WEB4J is a java web application framework built by the author of javapractices.com. It was built out of deep frustration with existing tools. WEB4J is appropriate for people looking for a simpler way to build java web apps. Some important things about it:

  • it's a full stack java web app framework
  • it has the smallest 'surface area' of any tool in its class (only 82 classes in its API)
  • it allows you to put your SQL statements in plain .sql text files
  • it allows your Model Objects to be immutable
  • it places validation in the Model Object itself (not external to it)
  • it has no custom xml files or annotations
  • it doesn't use object-relational mapping
  • its forms are implemented with plain HTML (no custom tags for controls)
If this sounds interesting, please see web4j.com for more information.




George Jempty replied on Mon, 2008/05/19 - 12:18pm

Who wants to have to deal with even 82 classes? I've written an OO web framework in PHP that I've ported to Python (and could port to Java, but am more interested in porting as an Apache module) that is like 6 classes/interfaces. It's not full stack, nor should it be: this allows the developer to apply a best of breed approach for representing the data/model.


John O'Hanley replied on Mon, 2008/05/19 - 12:31pm

In terms of size, the web4j tool compares favorably with other tools :


- John

John O'Hanley replied on Sun, 2009/03/22 - 9:09am

By the way, the web4j framework is now free and open source. It has been released under the BSD license.

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