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Video Tutorial for Creating Wave Robots in Minutes

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The WadRobotFramework provides an API above the regular Google Wave Robot API. It defines new kinds of robots which you can extend with minimal effort to obtain additionnal features. Wave robots are automated participants to a Wave conversation.

Basically, they are a special kind of web applications. The generator allows you to forget about everything 'robot', all the specificities. Enter some values in a .properties file, run an Ant target and ...shazam... you get a full Eclipse project with your robot. For example, if you want to write a robot that reacts to posted blips then inherit from a WRF class and overload ONE method ! (as seen on the website) Your robot is ready. Find the WadRobotFramework at


This video shows the usage of the WRF Generator within Eclipse with the Google plugin on Ubuntu Linux. It is assumed you have already installed the WadRobotFramework in your workspace.



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