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Tom Sanders11/05/08
13 replies

Inq: New Scripting Language & Execution Environment for Java

Inq ( is a more than just a language - it's an application server and GUI environment for rapid development of distributed applications. In recent years enterprise frameworks have come and come again. There has been much discussion of their...

Igor Shvydkoy11/05/08
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ComfyJ 2.5

ComfyJ is a Java-COM bridge enabling bidirectional communication between the Java platform and COM technologies.With ComfyJ, you can use COM/OLE/OCX/ActiveX objects right from your Java application and implement Java objects as COM...

Bob Schellink11/05/08
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Click Web Framework 1.5: Container, ActionListener, Two Phase Event Dispatch and More

Click 1.5 is a major release with numerous new features, documentation and examples.

Gavin King11/05/08
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Web Beans Public Review Draft Released

The Web Beans (JSR-299) specification is now available for public review.Web Beans defines a set of services for the Java EE environment that makes applications much easier to develop. Web Beans layers an enhanced lifecycle and interaction model over existing...

Nitin Bharti11/04/08
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JNBridge Updates JMS Adapter for Biztalk Server

JNBridge, a provider of Java and .NET Framework interoperability tools, unveiled a new version of its JNBridge JMS Adapter for BizTalk Server at the recent Microsoft Professional Developer's Conference. The JNBridge JMS Adapter for BizTalk Server enables...

Vladimir Korenev11/04/08
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Abacus Formula Compiler 1.2.0

AFC 1.2.0 was released with support for Excel 2007 file format. The Abacus Formula Compiler (AFC) makes it possible to use computations defined in spreadsheet files within normal Java applications.The original spreadsheet files can be created, for example, in...

Alexei Orischenko11/04/08
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CodeExplorer 1.0 for IntelliJ Idea

CodeExplorer is IntelliJ Idea plugin that helps to explore method call chains.Its tool window shows methods and calls between them on a handy diagram.Now you can see usages and structure of several methods on a single diagram! Start from Analyze menu to...

Leonid Rudy11/04/08
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DocFlex/Javadoc 1.5.6: Multi-Format Doclet, Rapid Doclet Development Tool & More

DocFlex/Javadoc is both a multi-format Javadoc Doclet and a rapid doclet development tool, which allows easy creation of professional quality Java API documentation generated by Javadoc in various output formats.

Dele Taylor11/04/08
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Data Pipeline 2: Data Transformation Toolkit for Java Released

Data Pipeline makes it easy to convert, process, and transform data in Java applications.The new release includes...Open source (GPL) and commercial licensesNew data readers, writers, and transformersJava 5 supportFeatures

Talip Ozturk11/03/08
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Hazelcast 1.4: Distributed Events

Hazelcast is a free distributed/partitioned queue, map, set, list, lock and executorservice implementation for Java. 1.4 release focuses on distributed events and messaging. What is new:

debug tools11/03/08
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JDebugTool 4.1.3: Graphical Java Debugger

JDebugTool from LLC is a: Standalone graphical Java debugger.Built on top of the standard JPDA (Java Platform Debugger Architecture).Is itself written in Java.Features an intuitive and graphical Java Swing GUI.Context-sensitive Help...

Jill Tomich11/02/08
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JUnit and EasyMock Refcard Available - Download Now

JUnit is a free, elegant and easy Java unit test framework that developers in the know use to increase the stability of their software. Often used together with EasyMock, which provides Mock Objects for interfaces in JUnit tests, these are the predominant...

Andy Jefferson11/02/08
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JDO 2.2

Apache JDO release latest revision of the Java Data Objects specification, API and TCK JDO 2.2 has been released by Apache JDO. The API jar and most recent draft of the spec are now ready for download (the official spec will be available when the JCP add it...

Robin Bygrave11/01/08
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Ebean ORM v0.9.8

Ebean ORM adds support for Enhancement via javaagent, Eclipse IDE Plugin and ANT task to existing Subclass Generation approach. The User Guide includes a section on "Enhancement vs Subclass Generation and Field access vs Property access". These are...