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Allison Roberts08/18/08
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MyEclipse now on Ganymede

Genuitec is pleased to announce today the immediate availability of MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench 7.0 milestone 1. This milestone release delivers advanced Ajax tooling for Java EE and full Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) capabilities for Eclipse 3.4...

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OneCode & MacroPDF417 Barcode Recognition for Java

What's new in this release?Aspose.BarCode for Java v1.5 now supports OneCode barcode recognition and MacroPDF417 barcode recognition in java applications. The performance of recognition engine has been improved as well.About Aspose.BarCode for Java

Lucian Ioan08/15/08
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RationalPlan Project Management Software 3.6.0: Better Tracking

Stand By Soft has released a new version 3.6.0 for their RationalPlan project management software suite.In the news:

Simon Martinelli08/15/08
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simject: Simple Dependency Injection

During my private studies on dependency injection (DI), dynamic proxy, remoting, Maven2 and JPA I started to create a small very simple dependency injection framework with some basic features. It's not as powerful as Spring or similar frameworks but it helps...

Alex Neihaus08/14/08
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Podcast Feed for Java Developers Interested in SOA, BPEL, BPMN and CEP

Active Endpoints has a lively blog on which we post a broad range of materials of interest to developers working on or interested in SOA, including educational content, how-to's, webinar replays and, sometimes, the occasional stunt video or corporate...

Dennis G.08/14/08
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SmartInspect 3.0 Released: New Log Server SmartInspect Router

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of our advanced .NET logging, Java logging and Delphi logging tool SmartInspect 3.0. The new release makes SmartInspect even more suitable for debugging and monitoring high-performance production systems,...

Talip Ozturk08/14/08
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Hazelcast 1.1 Released: Http Session Clustering and More

After a successful 1.0 release, Hazelcast, free data distribution platfom for Java, is now helping developers with new tools and features. So what is new in Hazelcast 1.1:1. Http session clustering with Hazelcast Webapp Manager (HazelcastWM)2. Support for...

Wen Huang08/13/08
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NetBeans IDE 6.5 Beta is Out!

The NetBeans IDE just keeps getting better! New features in 6.5 Beta include support for Groovy and Grails, built-in support for Hibernate, Compile/Deploy on Save, and much more.  There is also enhanced JavaScript support with new features like debugging...

Marco Tedone08/13/08
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JECO: Lightweight, Standalone, Spring-based Container

It has been few years now during which I had a constant dream: to have the availability of a stand-alone, easy to use, Java-based container to deploy java appliacations to. Oh, no, I'm not new to containers: for years now I've been deploying EARs, WARs, SARs,...

Stefanie Peitzker08/12/08
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Business Rules Management System: Visual Rules 4.2

The Business Rules Management System Visual Rules Version 4.2 is now available. Visual Rules is an especially intuitive and high-performance Business Rules Management System for creating and managing business rules. Business logic is modeled, tested,...

Pieter Humphrey08/12/08
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Oracle Removes Licensing for Workshop Eclipse Plug-ins

Oracle is delivering the Eclipse tools for Oracle WebLogic Server 10gR3 with a simpler packaging (just one, with all features), and a new price (free!). This release of Workshop for WebLogic 10g R3 combines all the features of the other products.To download...

Emil Ong08/11/08
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Caucho's Resin 3.2.0

Caucho Technology has just released the latest version of the Resin application server, Resin 3.2.0.  If you haven't had a chance to try Resin or haven't tried it in a while, you might be surprised at all the exciting new features.  Resin made its name as a...

Huy Tran08/09/08
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ThinkUI SQL Client 1.0.8: New Batch Code Generation Feature

ThinkUI Software Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of ThinkUI SQL Client 1.0.8. About:The ThinkUI SQL Client is a graphical program that allows Java developers to browse a database structure, edit data in the tables, issue SQL queries, and...