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Robbie Cheng12/03/08
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Integrating ZK and Spring Web Flow

In this article, Henri Chen, co-founder of ZK framework, will demonstrate with an example the way to navigate a work flow with ZK, Spring Security, Spring MVC, and Spring Web Flow. Spring Web Flow is the module of Spring for implementing web flows. Basically,...

Jim Weaver12/02/08
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Speed-Learning JavaFX Script

Want to get up to speed quickly on the JavaFX Script language?  Weiqi Gao of Object Computing, Inc. (OCI) has written an excellent article that covers the concepts and language elements of JavaFX Script in a fast-paced but approachable manner.  If you've...

Virgil Trasca12/02/08
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Light Report Bursting and Delivering Solution

DocumentBurster - Java PDF Report bursting, splitting and delivering solution IntroductionDocumentBurster takes as input PDF reports and bursts them based on meta-data. Generated documents can be delivered on a variety of destinations like email, ftp, fax,...

Thierry Danard12/01/08
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Corendal Directory - Open source web-based Active Directory management tool

The latest version of Corendal Directory has been released on October 17th, 2009. This is the third major version of this web-based application written in Java. This open source application is typically used by help desk analysts and active directory...

Andrew 12/01/08
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TinyLine 2.1 SDK

This release features the latest TinyLine 2D 2.1 and TinyLine SVG 2.1 enginesthat now bundled in a single TinyLine 2.1 SDK.TinyLine 2.1 SDK FeaturesTinyLine 2D 2.1TinyLine 2D implements a mobile 2D graphics engine for J2ME platform (CLDC and CDC).Key features:

Farrukh Ijaz12/01/08
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Vroom Request Dispatcher 1.0.0 Released

Vroom Request Dispatcher or VRD is a light weight API that helps you write java web applications with simplicity. No need to write servlets that require web.xml configurations. You can use any java method (static or non-static) to provide service.Using VRD,...

Jill Tomich11/30/08
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Getting Started with Hibernate Search Refcard Available - Download Now

Hibernate Search brings the power of full text search queries on persistent domain models, and brings Lucene search features to the Hibernate world. DZone's Getting Started with Hibernate Search refcard explains installation and configuration, and covers...

Heng Yuan11/28/08
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CookCC - Unique Lexer/Parser Generator using Java Annotation

CookCC is a lexer/parser (LALR (1)) generator project under BSD license. unique feature of CookCC is that one can directly specify lexer patterns and parser grammars within the Java code using Java annotations. The result...

Tonny Kohar11/28/08
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Citra FX Photo Effects 3.0

KIYUT just released Citra FX Photo Effects 3.0, an image filter effects for digital photos or images. It allows anyone, regardless of experience, to turn digital images into unique artistic looks. Citra FX comes with many prebuilt filters from color...

Ignacio Coloma11/27/08
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Loom 1.0 Final is Out. Let There be Awesome

After two years of work, 700+ java classes, 400+ tests, 35 javascript test pages and a hell of a week polishing rough edges, we finally got the release out the door. (I enjoy an entire night of pure insomnia once a month, which looking behind is a great boost...

Robbie Cheng11/27/08
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Case Study: Experience of Building AJAX with ZK

DBL started using ZK for all new web-development in early 2007, and these systems are now in use by clients in various private sector firms. BACKGROUND

Mark Bednarczyk11/26/08
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jNetPcap Version 1.2 RC1

jNetPcap is a true java wrapper around the native libpcap and winpcap libraries, exposing all of their functions and structures. Through the use of java's JNI API, methods are proxied and structures are peered with their java cousins. I stress the...

Igor Shvydkoy11/26/08
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JExcel 1.3 is Out

TeamDev is pleased to announce a new release of JExcel, library that allows Java developers to integrate their Java applications with Microsoft Office Excel.

Robin Bygrave11/26/08
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Ebean ORM v1.0.0 Released - Adds Declarative @Transactional Support

Ebean v1.0.0 introduces support for declarative transactions via a @Transactional annotation. This means you can add the @Transactional annotation to a method and Ebean enhancement will add the transactional support (transaction begin, commit, rollback,...

Geertjan Wielenga11/25/08
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Agenda Posted & Early Bird Registration for M3DD

The draft agenda has been posted and early bird registration at only US $175 is available until December 5th, 2008: