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Ralf Wisser01/05/09
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Jailer 2.7.0: Test Data Extraction Tool

Release 2.7.0 supports the DbUnit flat XML dataset file format.Jailer is a tool for test-data extraction, schema browsing, and rendering. It exports consistent and referentially intact row-sets from relational databases. It also removes obsolete data without...

Geertjan Wielenga01/04/09
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Updated NetBeans Java Editor Refcard for NetBeans IDE 6.5!

The NetBeans Java Editor Refcard has been updated to 6.5. Go here to download it. Based on a lot of useful comments received for the first release of this Refcard, which was for NetBeans IDE 6.1, several changes have been made. Some, in hindsight,...

John Ferguson Smart01/02/09
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Register for the Java Power Tools Bootcamps 2009 Season!

Organisations may well be slashing IT training budgets this year, but one New Zealand training company is offering a course that many might still find worthwhile.Wakaleo Consulting, a Wellington-based IT consulting and training firm, is launching the 2009...

Geertjan Wielenga12/31/08
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Cairo 3-5 January: Free NetBeans Platform Training

Click the image below for details. 

Kui Zhang12/31/08
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enPaper Studio 1.0 Beta: Java-Based Document Automation Tool

A one-stop document automation solution Agilemon Corp. proudly announced the first beta release of a document automation solution, enPaper Studio 1.0 beta for Java.

Rauf Issa12/31/08
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JobServer 2.4.2

Latest release introduces ability to run job and SOA tasks in-process or out-of-process.

Wolfgang Zitzel...12/30/08
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Synthetica 2.8.1 Enterprise Look & Feel

Modern, Synth based Swing Look and Feel  JAVASOFT Software Engineering is pleased to announce a new Synthetica release. V2.8.1 is mainly a maintenance release. Please find the most relevant improvements below - a complete list of changes can be found...

debug tools12/29/08
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JDebugTool 4.1.4: Graphical Java Debugger

JDebugTool from LLC is a: Standalone graphical Java debugger.Built on top of the standard JPDA (Java Platform Debugger Architecture).Is itself written in Java.Features an intuitive and graphical Java Swing GUI.Context-sensitive Help...

Oleg Sobolev12/24/08
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SQLG2 Java Preprocessor 1.4

New release of SQLG2 preprocessor allows Java developers easily use plain SQL for DB interaction. This release requires JDK 1.6 or later. New features: Improved type safetyDatabase meta-data retrievalCustom DB-to-Java mappingSQLG2 is the tool for those who...

Andres Almiray12/23/08
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Grails 1.1 Beta 2 released

SpringSource and the Grails development team are pleased to announce the 1.1 beta 2 release of the Grails web application development framework.

Alex Kalinovsky12/23/08
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AjaxSwing 2.3: Automatically Convert Swing to JavaScript

AjaxSwing is a web rendering framework that deploys Java Swing applications as purely browser-based AJAX interfaces. It allows developers to implement their user interface using standard Swing components and to expose it as HTML and JavaScript.

James Sugrue12/23/08
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Tomcat Expert Seminar Series

SpringSource will be holding a Tomcat Expert Seminar Series starting in January. These half-day seminars are designed to increase your knowledge of Apache Tomcat. This seminar is appropriate for operations staff, engineers, and developers who are looking for...

Andres Almiray12/22/08
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Groovy 1.6 Release Candidate is available

The Groovy development team and SpringSource are happy to announce the release of the first release candidate of Groovy 1.6. The JIRA report for this new version lists 74 bug tickets, 26 improvements and 8 new...

Anthony Goubard12/22/08
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XINS 2.2

XINS Open Source Web Services Framework 2.2 ReleasedXINS is an Open-Source Web Services Framework.It supports protocols such as REST, SOAP, XML-RPC, JSON, JSON-RPC and more. Also from the specifications (in simple XML) it generates the client API, the server...