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Zhou Renjian12/08/08
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Java2Script 2.0.0

Including SWT Desktop Feature and Providing Pipe APIs for Comet Connection We are very pleased to announce that Java2Script 2.0.0 release is available now. Please visit for updates.    Comparing to previous 1.0.0 version, 2.0.0...

Jiri Sedlacek12/08/08
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VisualVM 1.1: Enhanced Monitoring Features & New Eclipse Support

VisualVM 1.1 has been released at The most significant improvements include:

virtualmachinery 12/08/08
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BTree Implementation for Google Android(TM) Platform

Virtual Machinery is delighted to announce that Version 6 of its Java BTree implementation supports the Google Android(TM) platform. Of particular interest to developers in the Android community will be that our implementation of the BTree uses the standard...

Jose Noheda12/08/08
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IWebMvc2 Beta 2 Available

A new beta version of IWebMvc2 has been released. IWebMvc2 is a web framework based on dojo/DWR/Spring/Hibernate to help developers with CRUD applications. There's a screencast showing what to expect from a four line JSP page if using the platform. Downloads...

Jill Tomich12/07/08
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Essential JSP Expression Language Refcard Available - Download Now

The JavaServer Pages (JSP) Expression Language (EL) is a simple non-procedural scripting language that can be used to evaluate dynamic expressions within a JSP page. This refcard focuses on the Expression Language as applied to JSP pages. The EL described...

Fuqiang Zhao12/07/08
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JComponentPack 1.4

Release Notes for JComponentPack 1.4:

Mathieu Carbou12/07/08
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Maven License Plugin 1.4.0

Maven License Plugin is a Maven plugin that allows you to manage the license headers of your source files automatically by adding, replacing or removing them.The Maven License Plugin Team is proud to announce a new relase with a lot of enhancements and some...

EG 12/05/08
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Jt - Java Pattern Oriented Framework (Jt 3.0)

Jt3.0 has been released. Jt is a pattern oriented framework for the rapid implementation of Java applications. Jt has been utilized in several large mission critical systems. Jt implements many well-known patterns including Data Access Objects (DAO), GoF...

Feras Nasser12/05/08
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1,000,000 ICEfaces Downloads since Open Sourced

1,000,000 Downloads, and Counting... ICEsoft technologies annoucned today that ICEfaces, an Ajax for Java EE framework, has reached its One-Millionth download mark. For the past 2 years, since ICEfaces was open sourced, the community has been rapidly growing...

Jevgeni Kabanov12/05/08
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JavaRebel 2.0 M1 Released

JavaRebel is a JVM plugin (-javaagent) that enables to reload changes made to Java class files on-the-fly, saving developers the time that it takes to redeploy an application or perform a container restart. It is a generic solution that works for Java EE and...

Deane Richan12/04/08
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Create Swing Layouts as Easy as HTML Tables

For some time I have been fasinated that it seems easier to create HTML Forms using Tables then it is to create similar UI using Swing Layout Managers.Because of this many years ago I wrote an HTML TableLayout for Swing. Basically you define your layout using...

Robbie Cheng12/03/08
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Integrating ZK and Spring Web Flow

In this article, Henri Chen, co-founder of ZK framework, will demonstrate with an example the way to navigate a work flow with ZK, Spring Security, Spring MVC, and Spring Web Flow. Spring Web Flow is the module of Spring for implementing web flows. Basically,...

Jim Weaver12/02/08
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Speed-Learning JavaFX Script

Want to get up to speed quickly on the JavaFX Script language?  Weiqi Gao of Object Computing, Inc. (OCI) has written an excellent article that covers the concepts and language elements of JavaFX Script in a fast-paced but approachable manner.  If you've...

Virgil Trasca12/02/08
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Light Report Bursting and Delivering Solution

DocumentBurster - Java PDF Report bursting, splitting and delivering solution IntroductionDocumentBurster takes as input PDF reports and bursts them based on meta-data. Generated documents can be delivered on a variety of destinations like email, ftp, fax,...

Thierry Danard12/01/08
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Corendal Directory - Open source web-based Active Directory management tool

The latest version of Corendal Directory has been released on October 17th, 2009. This is the third major version of this web-based application written in Java. This open source application is typically used by help desk analysts and active directory...