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Bradley Beddoes09/30/08
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GConnect 1.1 for Google Apps

We are pleased to advise that GConnect 1.1 is now available to download from GConnect is a software package that allows organizations of all sizes to integrate their local identity stores with Google...

Mark Stephens09/30/08
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JPedal 3.70: PDF Library Adds Javascript Support

IDRsolutions is proud to announce another major update to the JPedal PDF library, release 3.70b12Marking yet another first in the market, this release adds Javascript support for forms with the beta release of our Javascript handler. JPedal is now able to...

David Qiao09/30/08
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JIDE Data Grids: Bridging the Gap between the Database and JTable

JIDE Software introduces JIDE Data Grids and 2.4.0 release.JIDE Data Grids  

Val Cassidy09/30/08
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Inforama Document Automator 1.0

Inforama, a new Open Source document generation and automation project has been released.Inforama, allows businesses to create personalised letters and application forms using database information which get generated into PDFs at runtime. These PDFs can be...

Jean-Francois P...09/29/08
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DesignGridLayout 0.9: Refactored Sources, Easier API, and Better Documentation

DesignGridLayout is a simple but powerful Swing LayoutManager. It has several advantages over other LayoutManagers. The main ones are:

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Aspose.Total for Java Q3 2008 Released

Aspose.Total for Java Q3 2008 release includes many new and improved features in this java components suite. Now you can read and write PPTX presentations with Aspose.Slides for Java. Also experience the increased performance by the improved barcode...

Jevgeni Kabanov09/26/08
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JavaRebel 1.2.1 & Spring Plugin 1.0-M2

We are very proud to present not one, but two simultaneous releases.

Sebastian Mueller09/24/08
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yFiles FLEX 1.3 Released

yWorks announces yFiles FLEX version 1.3, the new major release of its Adobe® Flex™-based add-on for their flagship product, the yFiles Java class library for analysis, automatic layout, and visualization of diagrams, networks, and graphs.

Geertjan Wielenga09/24/08
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API Design Fest '08!

As part of promotion of "Practical API Design: Confessions of a Java Framework Architect" and also in celebration of the 10th anniversary of NetBeans releases, we decided to play again the game described in

Alexander Shvets09/24/08
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JLaunchPad 1.0.2 and Scriptlandia 2.2.5

New versions of these projects are available for immediate downloads: JLaunchPad 1.0.2. JLaunchPad (launcher) is the set of Java classes and shell scripts for simplifying installation/launching of Java applications. Once the launcher is installed, it can be...

Frank Cohen09/24/08
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Free Open Source Test Workshop: Selenium, soapUI, TestMaker

Free workshop to be held in Los Angeles/Anaheim, San Francisco, Chicago, NY, and London. Software developers, QA testers, and IT managers are challenged to rapidly build and test Ajax, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA,) and Rich Internet Applications (RIA)...

Jose Maria Arranz09/23/08
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ItsNat v0.4: Chrome, FireFox 3, Android v0.9 & iPhone 2.0

ItsNat, Natural AJAX, is an open source Java AJAX Component based Web Application Framework. In this release, support for Google Chrome, FireFox v3, Android v0.9 were added and better support of iPhone 2.0 was included.

David Gilbert09/22/08
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JFreeChart 1.0.11

A new version of JFreeChart, a popular chart library for Java, is now available.  Version 1.0.11 features:

Joseph Ottinger09/22/08
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Scale-out Appserver GigaSpaces XAP 6.6 released

GigaSpaces XAP 6.6 has been released. XAP, the eXtreme Application Platform, is an application server designed from the ground up to scale out, with applications in caching, distributed processing, messaging, and remote invocations. This release integrates...

Jill Tomich09/21/08
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Getting Started with JPA Refcard Available - Download Now

Created by co-lead, Mike Keith, of the EJB 3.0 and JPA 1.0 specifications, this refcard will give users enough to understand the basics of JPA and get started writing JPA applications. The Java Persistence API (JPA) is the Java standard for mapping Java...