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Dakshinamurthy Karra10/21/08
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Marathon Java GUI Test Tool - 2.0 Release

We are happy to announce 2.0 stream of releases for Marathon. Marathon is a GUI test tool that allows you to play and record scripts against a Java Swing UI application. It is written in Java, and uses Python and Ruby as its scripting language (the emphasis...

Feras Nasser10/20/08
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ICEsoft Collaborate with ILOG to Enhance Ajax Web Application Development

ICEsoft Technologies today announced a technical integration with ILOG®. The joint efforts will enable developers to use ILOG’s Java-based visualization technology JViews within ICEfaces® to rapidly build sophisticated enterprise-level Ajax Applications...

Bruno Lowagie10/20/08
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Mobilize Your Website With Siruna

Mobixx becomes Siruna, enters Open Source era

DSI opensource10/20/08
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PureMVC Framework: GWT Compliant

PureMVC, the well-known Java AS3 framework, is now available for Java and GWT. PureMVC is a lightweight framework for creating applications based upon the classic Model-View-Controller design meta-pattern.  The pureMVC Java Multicore Version supports modular...

Jill Tomich10/19/08
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Spring Annotations Refcard Available - Download Now

DZone Presents Spring Annotations.Brought to you by Craig Walls, author of the Spring Configuration refcard.

Robbie Cheng10/16/08
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ZK Spring Integration Library 1.0.0

ZK Spring Integration Library 1.0.0 is released. It support simple namespace configuration, ZK event processing security, and Ajax based login and access denied handling. Download Now! A Minimal <zk-event> Configuration

Jakob Jenkov10/16/08
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Butterfly DI Container 2.6.0

Version 2.6.0 brings easy Map configuration and the ability to assign names to the input streams from which you read container scripts. This name is used when an error is detected in the script, making it easier to find out the file in which the error...

Christian Fries10/15/08
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Obba: A Java Object Handler for Excel

Obba provides a bridge from Excel sheets to Java classes.With Obba, you can easily build Excel GUIs to Java code.

Patrick Keegan10/15/08
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Beta Tester for NetBeans Certification Exam?

Sun Learning Services has developed a NetBeans IDE Certification Exam, which tests your working knowledge of developing Java desktop and web applications in the NetBeans IDE. Now they need beta testers for the exam. Through November 5, you can take a beta...

Niels Gron10/14/08
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Aqua Data Studio 7.0 Released in 11 languages, with a fully integrated Entity Relationship Modeler

AquaFold has released Aqua Data Studio 7.0, a major upgrade to its versatile, multi-platform application which provides complete database administration and query tools for all major databases on Windows, OSX, Linux, Solaris and the Java Platform. Within...

David Benson10/09/08
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JGraph X Beta Initial Release

The first public beta of the new JGraph Swing architecture JGraph X (, the new Java Swing Diagramming Library, has been released in beta form. JGraph X is based on the mxGraph architecture, a re-designed core based on 7...

Sean Pan10/09/08
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Polarion Track & Wiki - All In One Team Collboration

Polarion Software Launches Polarion Track & Wiki - Web-based Bug Tracking, Wiki-based Team Collaboration and Subversion-based version control rolled into one. Polarion’s new Track & Wiki is the industry’s first productivity tool for software...

Roger Lacroix10/09/08
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MQ Visual Edit v1.5.0

Capitalware Inc. would like to announce the official release of MQ Visual Edit v1.5.0.  This is a FREE upgrade for ALL licensed users of MQ Visual Edit.For more information or to try out a 30-day trial version of MQ Visual Edit go...

Skills Matter M...10/09/08
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Free Session on Terracotta: Open Source Network-Attached Memory

Free Event with Ari Zilka In this free session, Ari Zilka shows you how you can get Network-Attached Memory as an appliance-like infrastructure service through Terracotta's JVM-level clustering technology ( You will learn what...