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Dele Taylor11/04/08
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Data Pipeline 2: Data Transformation Toolkit for Java Released

Data Pipeline makes it easy to convert, process, and transform data in Java applications.The new release includes...Open source (GPL) and commercial licensesNew data readers, writers, and transformersJava 5 supportFeatures

Talip Ozturk11/03/08
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Hazelcast 1.4: Distributed Events

Hazelcast is a free distributed/partitioned queue, map, set, list, lock and executorservice implementation for Java. 1.4 release focuses on distributed events and messaging. What is new:

debug tools11/03/08
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JDebugTool 4.1.3: Graphical Java Debugger

JDebugTool from LLC is a: Standalone graphical Java debugger.Built on top of the standard JPDA (Java Platform Debugger Architecture).Is itself written in Java.Features an intuitive and graphical Java Swing GUI.Context-sensitive Help...

Jill Tomich11/02/08
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JUnit and EasyMock Refcard Available - Download Now

JUnit is a free, elegant and easy Java unit test framework that developers in the know use to increase the stability of their software. Often used together with EasyMock, which provides Mock Objects for interfaces in JUnit tests, these are the predominant...

Andy Jefferson11/02/08
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JDO 2.2

Apache JDO release latest revision of the Java Data Objects specification, API and TCK JDO 2.2 has been released by Apache JDO. The API jar and most recent draft of the spec are now ready for download (the official spec will be available when the JCP add it...

Robin Bygrave11/01/08
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Ebean ORM v0.9.8

Ebean ORM adds support for Enhancement via javaagent, Eclipse IDE Plugin and ANT task to existing Subclass Generation approach. The User Guide includes a section on "Enhancement vs Subclass Generation and Field access vs Property access". These are...

Rob Demmer10/30/08
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NetBeans IDE 6.5 Release Candidate 2 Available

The second Release Candidate of NetBeans IDE 6.5 is now available. The release is also multilingual—downloads are available in Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Brazilian Portuguese. Download NetBeans 6.5 Release CandidateTutorials...

Marvin Warble10/29/08
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Galileo RIA Toolkit Release 1.0 Beta

Galileo RIA Toolkit Release 1.0 Beta is now available @ www.galileo-riaf.comWhat is Galileo?Galileo was created for software engineers looking for a Rich Internet Application development alternative to JavaScript-based frameworks, Adobe Flex, Microsoft...

Igor Shvydkoy10/29/08
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JNIWrapper Now on Mac OS X 64-bit

JNIWrapper - Use Native Code from Java without JNI. Now on Mac, too. JNIWrapper provides simplified access to native code from Java applications without using Java Native Interface (JNI). You write your code in the Java language only, and JNIWrapper does...

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Export Documents to DOCX, DOCM, DOTX & DOTM Formats in Java Apps

What’s new in this release?The new version of Aspose.Words for Java - allows you to save documents in DOCX, DOCM, DOTX, DOTM formats. This version also includes supporting smart tags, digital signatures for VBA projects, OLE embedded and inked...

Nathan Voxland10/29/08
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Code Consultant IntelliJ Plugin Initial Release

Have you ever noticed that simple act of describing a problem you can't get past to a co-worker will help you solve the problem, even if they don't say a thing? The free Code Consultant IntelliJ plug-in is based off a (possibly apocraphal) story of a...

Henry Lander10/29/08
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Java Print Dialog Framework Version 2.0

Soft Frame Works has recently released the Java Print Dialog Framework version 2.0.

brad mcevoy10/29/08
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Introducing Milton: An Open Source Webdav API for Servers

Milton is an open source java library for implementing desktop integration in your web apps with WEBDAV.For those not familiar with WEBDAV, its like FTP but implemented in HTTP. Its a mature standard and supported natively in all operating systems. Once...

Sean Pan10/28/08
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Polarion Software Launches AccessSVN, LDAP Synchronization Tool For Subversion

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, October 28, 2008  — Polarion Software, creators of fully integrated application lifecycle management solutions and services, today announced the launch of an access control management tool for seamlessly integrating...