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Franck Wolff10/21/14
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JsonR 1.0.0 released as an NPM module.

Following a user request, JsonR 1.0.0 was released as NPM module. To know more about JsonR, read the following DZone article: JSON-R: A JSON Extension That Deals With Object References (Circular And Others). JsonR is public domain, there is no reason not to...

Mihai Dinca - P...10/20/14
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NextReports 7.3 is released

A new version of NextReports  reporting tool was released. Version 7.3 brings many changes, some under the hood and some new features.

Vladimir Ikryanov10/16/14
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JxDocument - Enrich Your Java App With All the Benefits From PDF Documents!

TeamDev announces the release of JxDocument — a brand new product, designed to make displaying PDF documents in Java apps as easy as a pie.JxDocument is a Java Swing library that allows viewing PDF documents in Java Swing applications. If you need to...

Franck Wolff10/06/14
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Beyond JSON: Spearal 0.1.0 Released

Spearal 0.1.0 has been released! To know more about Spearal and what it can do for you, please read this article on DZone: Beyond JSON: Introducing the Spearal Serialization Protocol Download links on Github:

Fuqiang Zhao10/02/14
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JComponentPack 3.6 Released!

JComponentPack 3.6 has been released!New Features:

Dennis G.09/23/14
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TestRail 4.0 with baseline support and new UX

Gurock announced TestRail 4.0 today, a new version of their web-based test management  tool. TestRail is used by software teams to manage and organize their testing efforts and to track the quality of software projects. Testing Java...

Peter Abeles09/15/14
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EJML v0.26 is out with Matlab like syntax

 A new version of Efficient Java Matrix Library (EJML)  is out.  Change log for EJML v0.26 is included below.  The most important new feature is the inclusion of Equations , which provides a way to manipulate matrices more naturally,...