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Ali Erturk08/19/14
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Floating License Server Statistics

Floating License Server release 4.4.1 includes new feautures to save and display statistical data on license usage. It stores all license usage information into its embedded database, so that it is possible to export data to excel files or directly draw...

Prasun Paul08/13/14
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DeferredJava: A new non-blocking, thread-safe Deferred/Promise implementation for Java

Deferred/Promise objects can be used to control the complex flow of asynchronous operations. There are several implementations of Deferred/Promises can be found in several languages. DeferredJava project is a new Deferred/Promises implementation...

Thomas Mauch08/08/14
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Brownies-Collections 0.9.7

The new release of Brownies-Collections fixes a bug which made GapList return invalid data in some cases. It is therefore recommended to upgrade to release 0.9.7. Grab it from Maven central (org.magicwerk:brownies-collections:0.9.7) or download it directly...

Andy Moncsek08/05/14
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JacpFX 2 release announcement

We are pleased to announced a new version of JacpFX, the JavaFX based Rich Client framework. This version took quite a while to finish and brings a lot of changes and enhancements. We also have a new website with quickstart tutorials and documentation (...

Geoffrey De Smet08/04/14
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OptaPlanner 6.1.0.Final released: open source constraint optimization engine in Java

We are happy to announce the 6.1 release of OptaPlanner. OptaPlanner is a lightweight, embeddable planning engine written in Java™ to solve constraint satisfaction problems efficiently. Together with the Drools rule...

David Zondray08/04/14
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Aspose.Newsletter August 2014: New REST API for Processing Images Files & More

Aspose Newsletter for August 2014 has now been published that highlights all the newly supported features offered in the recent releases of its JasperReports exporters, SQL Server rendering extensions, .NET, Java, SharePoint, Android components & REST...

Alexander Pustovalov08/03/14
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UMyProto - build GUI for Web Application in minutes

UMyProto Builder  is a WYSIWYG web GUI builder which allows you to quickly create a web page consisting of more than a dozen widgets of any complexity.

David Gilbert08/01/14
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JFreeChart 1.0.19

JFreeChart 1.0.19 is now available to download.  Use it to create charts in Java on the client side (Swing and JavaFX supported) or the server side (export to PNG, JPEG, PDF or SVG).

David Gilbert07/31/14
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FXGraphics2D - A bridge from Java2D to JavaFX

FXGraphics2D 1.1 is now available to download.  Use it to create graphical output on a JavaFX Canvas using existing Java2D-based code.

David Gilbert07/31/14
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JFreeSVG 2.0

JFreeSVG 2.0 is released.  Use it to generate SVG content from Java using its fast, lightweight implementation of the Graphics2D API.  Updates in this release include:

Dmitry Leskov07/28/14
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Excelsior JET 10 Released With OS X Support, More 64-bit Optimizations

We have released version 10 of Excelsior JET, a compliant Java SE 7 implementation with an Ahead-Of-Time compiler.