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Tiggr 2.0 packs powerful new features: events/actions, page templates, custom components, and annotations.

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Tiggr 2.0 packs powerful new features: expanded events and actions, templates, custom components and annotations.

New Features:

  • Events and actions - We have greatly expanded actions and events feature and now in addition to navigating between pages, you can set events such as click, value change and associate actions with those events such as setting a value, opening a pop-up window and much more.
  • Page templates - You can now save any screen as a template and then use the template to create new pages based on it.
  • Custom components - Create a composite custom component to use anywhere in your project.
  • Annotations - Add notes or comments to the prototype
  • New View with three tabs – Explorer, Outline and Components for easier navigation and development

Create your first prototype today or learn more from Tiggr blog.

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