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TestMaker 5.2 and Selenium

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We are building Selenium support into PushToTest TestMaker 5.2. The idea is to support Selenium IDE in Firefox for authoring and replay of tests in the browser. TestMaker will support Selenium RC to test Web applications across browser and operating environment versions. TestMaker will reuse Selenese tests in TestMaker's distributed test environment using HTMLUnit and Rhino as load and performance tests and business service monitors. Selenium tests have full access to operational test data using TestMaker's Data Production Library (DPL) system. We posted details at

For Selenium users this means they have a new option for Selenium training and support. PushToTest offers Selenium training courses and professional support agreements. The move gives organizations new uses for their Selenium tests as load and performance tests and service monitors.

The new Selenium IDE and HTMLUnit/Rhino support is already in the code base and will appear in TestMaker 5.2 beta 6 next week. The code is already in svn at

We added Selenium RC too. Tests may run in our TestNetwork grid in a similar fashion to Selenium Grid.

We would appreciate any feedback on our approach.
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