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TeamCity and Artifactory: Traceable Ivy Builds

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JFrog is happy to announce new and improved support for traceable Ivy/Ant builds in TeamCity.

The new version of TeamCity-Artifactory plugin 1.1.0 includes an extended Ant\Ivy builder that
enhances your builds by taking advantage of the added features of Apache Ivy’s dependency management and Artifactory’s Build Info.
The plugin collects information about Ivy builds during build time, and attaches this information to binaries published to the Artifactory repository manager.

This improved integration provides you with many benefits, such as:
  • Info-packed reproducible builds with full environment, published artifacts and resolved dependencies data.
  • Ability to identify the origin of all artifacts and dependencies.
  • Two way traceability between Teamcity and Artifactory.
  • Support for build promotion and export, with artifacts cherry-picking by selected Ivy configuration.
  • Efficient deployment of build artifacts upon successful builds.

The integration is seamless and only requires the Apache Ivy jar to exist in the classpath of your Apache Ant installation.

The Teamcity-Artifactory plug-in is released under the Apache v2 license.

For more information visit our wiki page.

The Artifactory Team@JFrog
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