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TDA: Thread Dump Analyzer 2.1

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I just released TDA in version 2.1. This is just a bugfixing release, especially concerning the VisualVM Plugin. In detail in contains the following changes:
  • Added last line parsed to the error message if an error occurs during parsing.
  • Fixed Issue 22, check for null if diffing dumps.
  • Fixed Issue 23, fixed parsing of remote VisualVM Dumps.
  • Fixes Issue 24, fixed parsing of monitors in VisualVM Dumps.
  • Bugfixing of other small bugs.

The release can be downloaded from the TDA Website in the Download Section. The VisualVM Plugin is available either as download from the Download Section of the website or it will also be available from the VisualVM Plugin Center. Report bugs in the Issue Tracker.



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Sherwood Zern replied on Sun, 2011/01/23 - 8:51pm

How do I obtain a copy of the TDA tool?  I get routed to the site, but I always end up at the VisualVM download page.  There is no TDA tool shown.  If the tool is embedded within VisualVM then I do not see how to load a thread dump file and have it parsed.

I was able  to download the TDA tool a few months back without any issues; however, I was directed straight to the TDA tool page.  I feel like I'm going crazy trying to find the tool.


Sherwood Zern replied on Sun, 2011/01/23 - 8:56pm

When I access the TDA website I receive the following message.  How do get view permissions so I can download TDA?



Your account does not have the "Project Page - View" permission needed for you to access the page you requested in the tda project (view your permissions). Either ask the project administrator for more permission, or log in using a different account.

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