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Synthetica V2.12, SyntheticaAddons V1.4

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We are pleased to announce release V2.12.1 of Synthetica, the Enterprise Look and Feel for Swing and SyntheticaAddons V1.4.1, the Java/Swing component suite for Synthetica. Please find all major improvements below - a complete list of changes can be found here and here.


  • New theme called SyntheticaClassyLookAndFeel - see highlights below


  • System DPI setting support on Windows and Linux/Gnome.
  • Font scale factor support to globally increase/decrease font size.
  • Focus aware cell renderer support.
  • Improved XML loading mechanism and performance.
  • Improved menu item UI-delegates.
  • Improved cell renderer insets handling for TableHeader.
  • Updated all themes - increased window resize area to improve usability, increased table cell insets.
  • To simplify action handling, displaying ToolTips for JMenu and JMenuItem is disabled by default.
  • Colorizable table header cells.
  • New UI-properties to improve customizability.


  • New component - JYTable.
    • Multi column sort
    • Configurable sort arrow position
    • Quick row filter including predefined filter rules
    • Column resizer across table
    • Header popup menu accessable by right click


  • New component - JYFormattedTextField.
  • New component - JYFormattedSearchField.
  • New table renderer to support multi line cell content - MultiLineTableCellRenderer
  • Support for SyntheticaClassyLookAndFeel theme.
  • Synthetica font scaling support.
  • JYTabbedPane - new property to enable/disable tab rotation.
  • JYTextField/JYSearchField - improved compatibility with regular JTextField.
  • JYDocking - a bunch of new UI-properties to improve customization.
  • SimpleDropDownButton - added alt-down key binding to open popups.
  • SimpleDropDownButton - improved focus handling.
  • DropDownButton/SimpleDropDownButton - new, optional arrow UI-property key for toolbars.
  • ToolBar - new, optional arrow UI-property key.
  • Additional button style for the BlackEye theme (RectangularButton).
  • Improved RTL support.
  • New demo application - SyntheticaTunes.
  • Updated DemoCenter application demonstrates new components and examples.


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