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Stringer Release (String encryption software)

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To protect Java programs we usually use obfuscator. Obfuscator allow us to rename classes, methods and fields automatically and change bytecode control flow. Free and commercial types of obfuscators have this function. The main difference between free and commercial obfuscators is the string encryption feature. Our experience has shown that string encryption and call context protection are more than enough to fully protect your application.

Primary goals of Stringer:

  • Strong string encryption. Which is based on the AES algorithm with dynamic keys for each Java package
  • Prevention of maliciously modifying and using the internal logic of Java based applications by an attacker

Now we are working on Stringer for Android applications. Watch for announcements!

We will appreciate any comments and reviews. Your feedback is very important for us!

For details please visit https://jfxstore.com/stringer 

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