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Stringer Java Obfuscation Toolkit v.1.0.6 (Trinidad) Released

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Stringer Java Obfuscation Toolkit v.1.0.6 (Trinidad):

- Java 7 support
- Stringer now fixes incorrect stack map frames in a byte-code produced by ProGuard 4.7
- A new annotation @insecure: disables protection of a specified String constants within a class
- Several bugs fixed, related to the initialization of static variables, if protected class and class with Stringer methods contains references to each other

Download and Try: https://jfxstore.com/stringer

By buying Stringer Java Obfuscation Toolkit you are supporting our open source project jCardSim (http://jcardsim.org):
An open source simulator implements Java Card, v.2.2.1:
- javacard.framework.*
- javacard.framework.security.*
- javacardx.crypto.*

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