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SpringSource Enterprise Available To All

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SpringSource, the company behind Spring, the de facto standard in enterprise Java, and a leading provider of infrastructure software, today announced the general availability of SpringSource Enterprise. SpringSource Enterprise delivers the software, services, and technical support necessary to develop and run Spring-powered enterprise applications more productively, securely and with the greatest uptime.

“The application landscape is undergoing significant change, as developers and architects demand a combination of powerful capabilities and simplicity in the next generation of enterprise applications,” said Peter Cooper-Ellis, SpringSource senior vice president of engineering and product management. “The commercial release of SpringSource Enterprise, coupled with the recent introduction of the SpringSource Application Platform, delivers the flexible and modular alternatives that the market is looking for in their application infrastructure.”


What's Included? 

SpringSource Enterprise includes the SpringSource Application Management Suite, the SpringSource Tool Suite, and the SpringSource Advanced Pack for Oracle Database. All three products are part of SpringSource’s Performance Suite that provides comprehensive application monitoring and management capabilities, next-generation application development tools and advanced database integration capabilities. SpringSource Enterprise is immediately available. For more information and to download, please visit http://www.springsource.com/products/enterprise.

“We chose SpringSource Enterprise because it offers hands on, responsive commercial support for our large enterprise projects,” said Mark Schwartz, Architect Manager at one of the nation’s leading healthcare benefits companies, Aetna. “The support comes directly from the experts who created Spring. You can’t get any better than that for timely and accurate resolution of the kinds of problems we see on a daily basis in the software development process.”

 Find out more about SpringSource Enterprise in our recent interview with Neelan Choksi.




Jim Bethancourt replied on Tue, 2008/07/22 - 6:21pm

I noticed that the Tool Suite is available free of charge to individuals and to non-profits with annual budgets of less than $10 million.  This will allow folks to try it out at home, though it doesn't stipulate anything with regards to use in open source projects.  I would have to assume that it is only ok to use if the project doesn't have an operating budget or operates as a non-profit organization.




Vadim Pesochinskiy replied on Wed, 2008/07/23 - 2:08am

Non-profit organizations ofthen have more money than for profit organizations. For example, VISA the credit card company, before recent IPO was a non-profit organization. Hospitals are often non-profit, yet they often have billions on the balance sheet.

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