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Sonar 1.7: Open Source Platform for Java Code Quality

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The Sonar team is pleased to announce the release of Sonar 1.7.

Sonar is an open source platform that manages Java source code quality.

The new version brings new features to the product :
    - possibility to exclude sources or packages from quality control at the project level
    - ability to use existing code coverage / unit tests results from build (beta)
    - extension of the coverage clouds to modules and packages
    - better compatibility with IE6
    - extension of resource viewer, enabling to view source code, tests results, violations, code coverage and duplications

Sonar is released under the LGPL License, Version 3.

Sonar web site : http://sonar.codehaus.org

Sonar in action : http://nemo.sonar.codehaus.org

Latest features : http://sonar.codehaus.org/sonar-17-in-screenshots/

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