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Ivan Kinash09/11/13
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DexProtector 4.5.0 Released - Obfuscator for Android apps

DexProtector is designed especially for Android application protection. As an input, DexProtector receives the application APK-file. An output is the protected APK-file. What does DexProtector provide?  Integrity Control String Encryption Class...

Yuriy Lopotun09/10/13
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How to Stand Out at Work: 10 Tips for Programmers (Bonus Part)

This is a bonus part of the article in which I’m sharing a list of simple tips that, in my opinion, can help programmers succeed at their current workplace. You can read the first two parts here:

Ilya Sterin09/06/13
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Flurry – our 64-bit id generation service

Flurry was inspired by Twitter Snowflake.

Nicolas De Pomereu09/05/13
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Awake SQL 2.0 released: now fully open source with transaction support

Awake SQL is an Open Source framework which enables remote JDBC access through HTTP. Android & Java Desktop App developers just need to include regular JDBC calls in their code like they would with a local database to access remote SQL databases in...

Veronika Lindorenko09/04/13
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DataTable - 1000 columns and more

As you may know from the previous article, DataTable is not limited by the number of rows. What about columns?The demo of DataTable The above example shows a grid with 1 000 columns. Yep, it is not a million, but still quite impressive, isn’t it?

Martijn Verburg09/04/13
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Announcing jClarity - A new SaaS Java/JVM performance analyser for the cloud and enterprise!

Leading Java experts unveil their new flagship jClarity product (14-day free trial ) that solves Java performance problems in both Cloud and Enterprise environments.

Sheraz Khan09/02/13
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Aspose.Newsletter September 2013 Edition is Out Now

Aspose Newsletter for September 2013 has now been published that highlights all the newly supported features offered in the recent releases of its JasperReports exporters, SQL Server rendering extensions, .NET, Java, SharePoint components, Android and...

Vladimir Ikryanov09/02/13
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JxBrowser 4 Beta 3 Released

Today we are glad to announce an update to JxBrowser 4 Beta! Now JxBrowser 4 Beta 3 supports Linux 32- and 64- bit platforms, in addition to previously released Windows and Mac OS X support.

Jim Marino08/30/13
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Fabric3 2.0: Bridging Service-Oriented and Event-Based Architectures

I'm excited to announce the release of Fabric3 2.0. This milestone introduces a number of new features. In particular, a major theme of the 2.0 release is creating a platform that brings service-oriented and event-based design closer together.In this post, I...

Jan Moravec08/26/13
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QuartzDesk 1.1.2 Released

We are proud to announce the release 1.1.2 of QuartzDesk.This release is a bug fix release that solves QuartzDesk installation problems with the Oracle database. This version also add automatic DB upgrade functionality used when upgrading the...

Bill Digman08/26/13
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Geekfest w/ Richard Hightower - ProjectX- iSO2 - Wednesday August 28, 2013 @ 6:00pm in Palo Alto, CA

This will be Richard Hightower's first public speaking engagement in 2 years. Talk Title:  Project X - iSO2 - in-memory service oriented objects. (Websocket and SOA 2.0+) to support next-gen SOA and back-end for mobile and SPAs. Join us on Wednesday,...

Andrea Del Bene08/22/13
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WicketStuff 6.10.0 is out!

The new version of the community-driven project WicketStuff is now available. It follows the relaease of the last version 6.10.0 of Apache Wicket. Along with bugfixes and code improvements, the new version comes with the following new modules:

Franck Wolff08/21/13
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GraniteDS 3.0.0.M3 Brings New Support For JavaFX and Android

Hi, The new version of the Granite Data Services is out. This release is a very important milestone on our way to the final 3.0.0.GA and comes with several new features and improvements, both from technical and business point-of-views. Be sure to read the...