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Run popular Swing apps inside your RCP application, like JFreeChart and Jasper Reports

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Java Eclipse RCP development

TrioMii, the maker of the SwingRCP software development add-on to the Eclipse platform just annouced the latest release of their latest version 1.1.0 is available for general download.

 Run JHotDraw using SwingRCP

SwingRCP is a library that allows Java Swing developers to able to use standard Swing API's in a regular Eclipse RCP application, without the need for a Swing bridge or translation tool. Eclipse's Rich Client Platform (RCP) is a feature rich platform that allows developers to quickly create applications with many inherited functionality, like forms and dockable panels.  But it was and still restricted to using SWT as the GUI interface.  Our library frees the developer to use Swing instead.  From looking at all our sample, all source is free for download in our <a href="http://www.triomii.com/Tutorials.html">Tutorials page</a>.

We have also ported many open source Swing libraries to run as an RCP application using our library. If you find a need for any of these highly popular software to use in your RCP application, why not give SwingRCP a try.

More information can be found at http://www.TrioMii.com.

Or contact our sales@triomii.com.


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Mark Unknown replied on Sat, 2008/02/23 - 3:47pm

This is very interesting.

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