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RIA Sessions at Upcoming Jazoon Conference in Zurich

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Zurich, Switzerland

Canoo's Sibylle Peter and Dieter Holz will be presenting a very interesting session at Jazoon 08 ( ) on:

5 frequently-encountered misunderstandings regarding Rich Internet Application development.

Many developers that first start out in RIA development have lots of experience building HTML applications. They are in the phase where they have recognized the need for RIA and have selected an RIA technology (e.g. based on AJAX, Flash or Java). They have started implementing first projects. The talk identifies common pitfalls within this first phase and how these can be avoided.

The talk doesn't discuss any specific RIA technologies but discusses general concepts that will help you to build better and improved user interfaces for your web applications.

The talk will take place on Thursday 26th June at 2pm.

An overview of all the technical sessions that Canoo will be presenting at this year’s Jazoon (23rd to 26th June, 2008 in Zurich, Switzerland) is available here.

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