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Resin Application Server supports Memcached Wire Protocol

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San Francisco

Caucho Technology, the leader in lightweight high performance application servers, announced Resin Memcached support is now available in version 4.0.24 and higher.

Resin Cache, Resin's JCache implementations, is an implementation of the Memcached protocol and supports all features of Memcached. Resin adds to Memcached true elasticity and persistence.

Built-in Resin elasticity capability allows for decreased load on the RDBM servers when new Resin Memcached nodes are added as compared to traditional Memcached. Proper RAM cache size can yield comparable or even better performance than Memcached daemon.

Caucho Resin | Application Server

Press Release: Java Memcached | Resin Can Now Act as a Drop-In Replacement for Memcached Solution


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