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renderSnake 1.1 released

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RenderSnake is a Java library for creating components and pages that produce HTML using only Java. Its purpose is to support the creation of Web applications that are better maintainable, allows for easier reuse, have testable UI components and produces compact HTML in an efficient way.

Minor release 1.1 brings and drops some features:

  • added integration for Google Guice, Page classes annotated with @Named can be served by a GuiceComponentServlet
  • added loading StringResource by URL
  • dropped classes RenderableCallback and RenderableCallbackWrapper ; hard to understand and easy to implement using existing classes
  • dropped annotation Page ; other DI implementations provide much better support
  • refactored HtmlCanvas by introducing HtmlServletCanvas that knows about the Servlet request and response ; HtmlCanvas has no dependency with the Servlet API
  • refactored EscapeUtils by introducing the interface HtmlEscapeHandler ; HtmlCanvas has no strict dependency with Commons
  • general improvements in speed and object creation reduction

 Have a look at rendersnake.org to see what this library can do for you and grab the source or binaries to try it.

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